Deep Breaths and Begin

I feel like I am standing here naked in front of a crowded room- I feel exposed! Deep Breath….

I’ve deliberated and procrastinated and given this a lot of thought- usually at the most inappropriate moments of the day and night- and finally decided “What the Hell”. Carpe Diem  as it says on my charm bracelet.

I’ve never attempted to blog before. Subject matter may vary widely as we travel this road and I do have a tendency to meander off track. So what topics in life do I have to draw on for this creative venture? Well I’m the demented mother of two teenagers (one boy child and one girl child); adopted human slave to four cats; work full time; been fortunate enough to publish a handful of my poetry; am a  keen amateur photographer; writer (like all writers I’m working on what I hope will become my first novel but whether it will ever see the light of day beyond my conservatory remains to be seen); married to a fitness freak “the Big Green Gummi Bear”; enjoy the occasional glass of wine or two; am a self confessed caffeine addict; rock music addict (much to the despair of the Big Green Gummi Bear and to the amusement of my mother) and generally am a chaser of rainbows and dreams.

There should be sufficient subject matter there to inspire a few blog entries as long as I remain focussed, motivated and caffeine fuelled. Oh and as long as there is someone  or hopefully more than one of you that wants to come along for the ride and share the ramblings of this forty three year old recycled teenager.

Personally I’m looking forward to the journey and I look forward to travelling with you.

7 responses to “Deep Breaths and Begin

  1. Brilliant Coral – have thought about doing this as well……well done for taking the leap!


  2. Hello! How lovely to see you in the blogging world! I hope you enjoy it. I felt exactly the same as you when I posted my first entry. Looking forward to reading your ‘ramblings’ (that’s what I call my posts, as well!) xx


  3. “Ramble On”….express those opinions! People want to read them! Go for it!


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