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Editing, Editing, Editing…. as far as the eyes can see


With less than eight weeks to go until Book Baby 3 aka  Bonded Souls is published, editing is kind of taking up every free minute I have.(And there’s not enough of them!)

My liver is loving it so far!



My nerves less so!


Spell checking is haunting me!


Commas are taking on a whole new level of importance.


Editing would try the patience of a saint!


Guess I better get back to it….sigh…

Normal blog service will resume next week.

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Sometimes you need to pause, breathe deeply and look at life from a different perspective.

Nine weeks to go until Book Baby 3 Day….


A couple of weeks ago, I posted on here about having agreed to take part in an Indie Author Meet & Greet event.  As the big day drew nearer I was a nervous wreck about it all!

My Princess Paranoia head was in control and kept whispering doubts in my ear.

The three day event kicked off on the Friday. When I checked in to see what my fellow indie authors were posting, this triggered another round of sheer panic. I hadn’t prepared enough material!

Saturday afternoon was spent re-writing the entire plan and sourcing more accompanying photos.

On Sunday morning, mere hours before my scheduled slot, I was still tweaking….and then tweaking some more.

Four o’clock arrived and there was no going back. GULP!

After a minor technical glitch about posts with web links needing admin approval, I was off and running. The hour flew by!

I survived!!!

Celebratory prosecco was poured! (any excuse!)

 One thing that did get revealed over the hour though was the cover design and publication date for Book Baby 3 and it dawned on me a short while ago that I hadn’t shared these on my blog…very remiss of me. Please accept my humble apologies, Silver Lake fans.

Bonded Souls, aka Book Baby 3 will be published on 15 April this year….nine weeks on Saturday!!!

I’ll be honest…it’s still being edited and proof read. I have my front cover (I’m quite proud of it. All my own work with minimal technical assistance from my rock fairy godmother) but the back cover is still in the planning stages. My Book Baby has a bare bum!

It’s all the wee finishing touches that take the time. The description for it on Amazon. The back cover blurb. I’ve not even thought about the author’s note yet. Nine weeks suddenly feels like nine minutes!

And how to launch it all? ….online party planning has begun. Watch this space! (must remember to put more prosecco in the fridge!)

 This Sunday, I’m taking part in another online promo event. Well, really it’s Jake and Lori taking a guest slot at an online Character Takeover event. The nerves are building already…..eek!!!

If you’ve a spare hour on Sunday around 9pm UK time (1pm PST) please drop by and see if they say nice things about me.

 Here’s the link to the event:


Vivid Nightmare (flash fiction)


Music and sunlight fill the world. A gentle breeze wafts by. The taste of salt in the air. Warmth.

Then there’s silence as the song comes to an end….

The music’s temporarily replaced by the growl of an engine. The throaty grumble of an exhaust.

Sunlight glints off the chrome surround of the vehicle’s headlight.

As the next song begins….BANG!

Instant agony. Pain burning like fire. The feeling of flying through the air out of control. The bone crunching thud of hitting the ground. Screams. Mine? Engine roar. A screech. A crushing weight from above then nothing….. no noise; no music; only deafening silence and darkness.


Time moves on….


Dull fuzzy sounds. Distant noises. Muffled voices hovering around. A clinical smell. Telephones ringing far away. Numbness. A feeling of choking. Gagging on something. Panic! More voices.

A small stab of pain……the darkness returns.


Time moves on….


The darkness begins to recede. Shadows flicker through the grey haze. Silence. No voices. No telephones ringing. A stillness. An air of calm. Night?

A sense there’s someone there. Someone close by.  A familiar scent in the air. A long, sad sigh at my side.

A hand over mine. It’s firm. It’s warm. The stroke of a thumb. Slow, gentle, movements. Fumbling fingers straighten my signet ring then spin the rings on my thumb. Is someone reading the inscriptions on them?

Bleep….bleep….bleep…bleep…….it continues…..on and on and on…


The alarm clock! The nightmare ends once more.


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