March 2021


It’s been a while. OK- a long while! I really need to get into a better schedule with these newsletters!

Let’s be honest, it’s been a long dark winter dominated by COVID19 and lockdowns and it’s been tough. I hope you’re all doing ok out there.

March sees the start of Spring and with Spring comes warmer weather, lighter brighter days and some hope that there is some degree of normality in sight.

So, what’s been happening on the creative front? Well, the big news is that Book Baby 6 aka Long Shadows was launched on 14 February 2021 and it seems as though everyone is loving it (even if it is through their tears – yes, this is an emotional read. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.) If you haven’t picked up a copy yet or downloaded one, then you can fix that by dropping by Amazon. I’ll even make it easy, here’s the links:

If you are mourning the end of the Silver Lake series, don’t fret. I promise that Jake and Silver Lake will be back in the future. Book Baby 7 is in the very very early stages but, assuming this works out ok, there will be a few familiar faces in its’ pages. Watch this space….

In January 2021, I introduced you to Sarah M Reed. Did you miss that interview? 

Introducing Sarah M Reed | coralmccallum (

Please check out Sarah’s books. Loved The Boyfriend Pact.

I haven’t written much poetry of late but after watching James May in Japan on Amazon Prime, I was inspired to try to write a Haiku. I haven’t even attempted one of these since 1982 and my first-year high school English class but I was pleased with the result:

Spring (Haiku) | coralmccallum (

I also introduced a smiling friend to the regulars on my blog. He’s been hanging around the beach for a few months and is always smiling, no matter what the weather is.

 A Friendly Smile Is Always A Welcome Sight. | coralmccallum (

February saw the return of everyone’s favourite dark angel when she reappeared on my blog at the full moon

Silently Watching at the Hunger Moon | coralmccallum (

February also saw me take part in Michelle A Bailey’s book builder. Its running for another three or four weeks so check out the link below:

I took the plunge last week into the world of Podcasts and signed up to Anchor FM. Now those that know me know that I hate hearing my own voice recorded so its not me narrating the short podcasts that have been shared so far. The digital goddess “Remy” does a far better job than I could ever do! Here’s the link if you want to check it out and its available via several platforms including Spotify.

Coral McCallum – indie author and blogger • A podcast on Anchor

And that’s pretty much been it since my last newsletter.

 A wise person told me a few months back to take lots of photos, lie on the beach and stare at the sky (I paraphrase but you get the gist of it). Lying on the beach in winter in Scotland isn’t to be recommended. It’s a tad cold! But I do walk along the shore regularly and last week, as I wandered along the sand at low tide, I picked up a shell that was trapped between two rocks. I guess its situation represented how I was feeling. Gently, I prised it free and brought it home. There’s flaw running through it – well, none of us are perfect – but now it sits on the window sill and reminds me that despite all the current restrictions in the world, daydreaming is still allowed.

Stay safe, folks. Take care. 

Till next time….

Love n hugs

Coral xxx