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What will you choose to do?

A few months ago, a close friend gave me a piece of advice . (I may have mentioned it on here before – can’t quite recall at this precise moment in time) Paraphrasing slightly, what they advised was to keep writing, keep taking lots of pictures, lie on the beach and stare at the sky. Basically- do more of what makes me happy.

Those words have echoed back at me regularly over the past 9/10 months and, wherever possible, they have been words to live by.

Taking time for yourself in this crazy world isn’t selfish. It’s called self-care. It’s essential.

So, what have I done?

Well, I’ve kept writing and typing Book Baby 7. I’m onto my second notebook and I’ve typed 10 000 words.

I’ve taken hundreds and hundreds of photos. Very few of these have people in them and, of late, there have been more than a few flowers. Here’s just one to give you a flavour ( absolutely no idea what kind of flower this is but I love it!)

I haven’t sat on the beach …yet…but I have walked it many many times over the months.

and I’ve stared up at the sky…

So, what have you done to make you happy?

Pinecones – an acrostic poem

Last week I shared the above photo as part of my photoblog and commented that it would make a good story prompt. It triggered a few creative thoughts but it was a dark poetic thought that fought its way to the surface.


Promising peace and privacy.

Insulation from the world outside.

No pain could reach through the low hanging branches.

Echoes of the past flooding her mind.

Crawling inside to lie curled on a bed of pine needles.

One single tear slid soundlessly down her cheek.

No one would find her hiding in here.

Escape from her grief filled world.

Sanctuary to process her thoughts.

Which path to choose?…..

While out meandering earlier, I was thinking about this week’s blog post and wondering what to write. You’ve probably noticed but its very rarely that these weekly posts are planned much ahead of them being posted.

The various paths and trails around me caught my eye……

How different would life be if a different path had been followed or explored?…. that’s definitely a thought for another day but here are a few of the options I passed along the way.

but this one is crying out to be a story prompt……

Flashback Friday – Stronger Within

His inbox was crammed full of unread mails – most of which were advertising junk. Before this infuriated him further, he tweaked his junk mail filters, then returned to his inbox. There was one email from Maddy that caught his attention. The subject heading was “Silver Lake album and merchandising artwork.” He opened the message, scanning the details about a band meeting scheduled for Friday to discuss the attachments. Jake opened the first of four attachments to reveal the three draft designs for the album cover, each significantly different. Instantly his eyes were drawn to the distinctive signature on the drawings. He opened the other three attachments and found a variety of other designs tagged as t-shirt proposals and miscellaneous. One proposed album design caught his eye – a dragon, with its wings spread out nestled inside an intricate Celtic knot. The twist of its tail reminded him of the Celtic trinity that was in the band’s logo. When had Lori found time to complete this portfolio? Why hadn’t she told him? Suddenly, he desperately wanted to talk to her, but it was four o’clock in the morning. Smiling for the first time since Monday, Jake reached for his phone and turned it on. A barrage of text alerts pinged through – he ignored them for now. Quickly he typed, “Love the designs. Love the Celtic dragon knot. Love you. J x”. He hit send.

(extract from Stronger Within, book 1 in the Silver Lake series)

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Taking a moment to appreciate Spring’s beauty in all it’s colours (well some of them)

The dark days of winter are behind us (the temperatures are still lingering though) and the world is starting to look like a brighter place.

I’ve said many times on here that I’m a creature of habit and, much as I love going for a walk at the end of a busy day to clear the “work stuff” from my head to make room for the “creative stuff”, I do tend to walk the same routes. However, as Spring moves towards Summer, these familiar routes are forever changing.


The flowers are all starting to bloom and their colours make it a rainbow road instead of a grey one. Don’t believe me? Here, take a look for yourself..

Let’s make a wish that, when it arrives, Summer is a long hot colourful one.

Have you met Jake Power? Have you “heard” Silver Lake? No!

“Surfside, let’s take this down a bit for a moment. This is a new one for us. This is “Stronger Within,” he said, then added, “Lori, this is for you.”

It was the song he had sung for her in the sun room; the first song she had ever heard him perform. Gone was the rough, rock voice and the soft, husky, haunting vocal had returned. His range was fabulous and he nailed all the notes. The acoustic melody rang out crystal clear across the crowd. It was perfect. A moment that would live with Lori forever. No one had ever sung just for her so publicly.

Up on the stage Jake was playing and singing with his eyes closed. He didn’t want to see the rest of the crowd for this song. In his mind, he was back in the sunroom, playing just for Lori. Lost in the moment, on stage, in front of almost a thousand people, he realised he had fallen in love with her.

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One little word……

One little word. That’s all it took the other day to raise my spirits and make me smile.

No, it wasn’t spoken out loud. It was a text message.

With that one word, it showed me several important things.

Firstly, the person who sent it had thought about me, at least briefly, that day. That in itself is a beautiful thing in this selfish world.

Secondly, having thought about me, they took the time out of their day to type and send the message.  It might have only taken them a few seconds, but it was still an investment of their precious time.

Thirdly, they cared enough to want to send the message.

I’ll leave that thought there for you to contemplate……

Oh- and for the curious among you – the word was “morning”.

(photo sourced via Google – credits to the owner)

Want a free weekend at the beach with a hot rock star?…..

Want to spend the weekend at the beach with a hot rock star? Want it for free?

Look no further, Stronger Within, book 1 in the Silver Lake series is free to download this holiday weekend.

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