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August?….who stole Summer?

NO!…. I’m not ready for summer to be over for another year 😥

I love summer. I love the light nights, the long days, the sunshine…even the smell of summer rain. Well, I live in Scotland after all LOL

There is no denying it though…summer is slipping away all too quickly. Even Mother Nature is leaving hints for us. Look!

Maybe we’ll get an Indian summer…. ever the optimist 🙂

Riley- now available to pre-order

Riley – now available to pre-order

Around her the bedroom was lit by half a dozen candles, their shadows dancing on the walls. A delicate vanilla fragrance filled the room. The gothic palace lay silent. It was almost midnight. Sitting cross-legged in the middle of the large four-poster bed, Riley sat staring down at the CD in her hands. Her CD. Her debut album that was due to be released worldwide on the stroke of midnight.

A box of CDs had been delivered that morning with a note from the record company saying simply, “Autograph these in time for the launch party on February 29th.” She’d signed her way through two silver Sharpie markers before all the CD inserts were autographed. At Garrett’s suggestion, she’d practiced her autograph on a few sheets of paper before deciding how she wanted to sign it. Initially it had been fun sitting at Garrett’s huge rosewood dining table signing the insert for each disc but after the first fifty or so the novelty swiftly wore off. Two hours later she had finished the chore. All of the discs had been signed -all bar one. The one she held in her trembling hands.

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Riley eBook : McCallum, Coral: Kindle Store

** note- this tale makes reference to self-harm**

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Free e-book for the weekend, anyone?

Haven’t done a Freebie Friday for a while so let’s change that today.

Stronger Within, book 1 in the Silver Lake series is FREE to download today!

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Sunrise – the beauty of a brand new day no matter where you are

Following on from last week’s Sunset blog, I thought I’d share Sunrise with you.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I watch the sun rise more or less every day at my favourite beach in the USA thanks to the talents of several photographers and the wonders of Facebook.

Those few moments of calm, watching the sky light up and the waves wash in provide a precious moment of tranquility.

One day, when the time is right and the planets align, I will sit on that beach and watch that sunrise for myself. Until then, this short poem inspired by those wonderful videos and photos will need to suffice.

Sitting on the soft cool sand waiting watching

Until the sun crests the horizon to the east

Never tiring of the colours of a new day

Reflecting on the past

Imagining the future

Seeking solace in the early morning calm

Emptying my mind of past pain and heartache

Choosing a photo to accompany this blog was hard. There are so many stunning ones to choose from.

Credits to the owner of the image – Elliot MacGuire Photography (photo is tagged)

If you want to check out sunrise for yourself then here’s a few links to choose from

  Elliot MacGuire Photography | Facebook

  Kim Johnson Photography | Facebook

  Stephanie Faust Photography | Facebook

 Susan McLean Photography | Facebook

Each of these photographers is super talented. Who know, perhaps our paths will cross on the beach one morning.

Sunset – an acrostic poem

Silently sinking below the horizon

Unseen by those who choose not to look

Nature’s beauty for all to enjoy

Streaking a pallet of colours across the evening skies

Ever-changing diminishing light amending the tones

Taking the stresses and strains of today away.

Did you have a nice holiday/vacation/break?

I’ve come to the final day of Staycation 2022…

I almost cheated with this week’s blog post and just shared this as I eek out these final few precious hours.

But, after two and a bit weeks of going nowhere, seeing no one (with a couple of exceptions), doing very little, practicing yoga (I’m not very good), sitting in the sun (much better at doing that), reading, writing, journaling, listening to music, going for long walks and the occasional beer or wine or two, I thought I’d share this instead… the edited highlights of Staycation 2022.

As I reflected on the past two weeks, a wee voice muttered in my ear that I’d wasted ten precious days of annual leave from the salt mine then another little voice reminded me that sometimes doing “nothing” and speaking to very few folk is exactly what your body and mind are telling you that they need to do.

Save the date…18 November 2022

*****  Riley – coming 18 November 2022 *****

And to keep you going until 18 November, here’s another little sneak peek inside.

“I have one last song for you,” began Riley. “I hope you’ve enjoyed yourselves tonight. I’d like to say a few thank yous. Huge thanks to Dr Marrs, to the guys from Silver Lake, to my record label, to each and every one of you for making tonight magical. This really is a dream come true. A Firefly Dream. I have one final extra special huge thank you for Garrett for hosting this party and for giving me a chance, a job and a home. Garrett, I love you.”

As the cheers died out, Riley continued, “This last song was inspired in this very place. I’d never seen a real four-poster bed before Garrett invited me to stay here. You can work out the rest of the story. Folks, it’s been amazing. I’m going to leave you with Jumping On The Bed.”

The light-hearted song was the perfect choice to end the show with and left everyone in a buoyant mood as the lights came back up and the caterers began to circulate with trays of drinks and canapes. Not quite sure what to do, Riley stayed in the alcove tidying up her guitars and her lyrics folder. Suddenly, she felt two strong arms wrap round her. The hint of a familiar exotic spicy aftershave tickled her nose. Without a second’s thought, she spun round and wrapped herself round Todd.

“You were sensational, girl!” he declared before kissing the top of her head. “Awesome set.”

“Thank you,” said Riley, snuggling in close.

Silently Watching One Week Beyond The Thunder Moon

“Have you any idea where she’s gone?” demanded Stefan, slamming his goblet down on the table, splashing red wine on his crisp white cuff.

“None,” replied Meryn for about the hundredth time that week.

“And you had no idea that she still had full use of her magic?”


“And you have no inkling as to how she managed to break free of those chains?”

“Magic,” answered Meryn calmly. “She’s stronger that we gave her credit for, Stefan.”


Both Trine and Jem sat in silence, waiting for the battle of wills between her father and his mother to abate. It had been raging for a week with neither of them giving an inch, both as stubborn as each other.

“Then our priority has to be to find her,” stated Stefan bluntly.

“At last, we agree on something,” replied Meryn, a little hint of warmth creeping into her voice. “But we won’t do that by sitting here, Stefan. Why not let our children return home? They are our best chance of locating her.”

“No one leaves!”

“Stefan,” began Meryn, steeling herself for his response. “By your own laws, you cannot hold them here any longer against their will. It’s been six full lunar cycles. They’re not facing any charges. By law, they are free to leave.”

Both Trine and Jem held their breath. This was the moment that they had been waiting for all week.

Stefan’s shoulders slumped forward as he buried his face in his hands. It was a look of utter defeat.

“You’re perfectly correct, Meryn,” he conceded with a long sigh of resignation. “All of you are free to leave whenever you wish.”

“Thank you,” said Meryn softly, reaching out to touch his hand.

“Thank you,” added both Trine and Jem in unison.

“I’ll stay,” announced the older vampiress. “I’ll continue the training of the novices who helped to heal Anna. Some of them are showing real promise. I also have some work to finish.”

“This is your home,” said Stefan. “You’re welcome to stay as long as you like. The same goes for all of you.”

“And we appreciate it,” said Jem sincerely. “But Trine and I would like to go back to the beach hut. We stand a better chance of tracing Anna from there.”

“When will you leave?”

“Tonight,” answered Trine without hesitation.

Stefan nodded, “You’ll enjoy a glass of wine before you leave?”

“Of course,” said Trine smiling at her father. “I don’t want to leave with any ill-feeling in the air.”

A fine drizzle of rain greeted them along with the first gold glow of sunrise as they landed in the small courtyard beside the beach hut. Instinctively, they both took a deep breath, breathing in the salty sea air. They smiled at each other.

They were finally home.

When they entered the hut, everything was just as they’d left it. The air felt stale and slightly damp. Even although it was the height of summer there was a definite chill about the place.

“I’ll light the stove,” said Trine.

Before she could move towards the kindling basket, Jem grabbed her wrist, “I’ve a better idea that’ll keep us just as warm.”

With a smile playing on his lips, he led her into the bedroom, allowing the heavy curtain to swing closed behind them.

Alone in her mausoleum, Anna sat on the stone bench her cloak wrapped around her, deep in thought. Initially, she had hesitated about returning home, but she missed her own space. It had taken her a day or two to recover from her journey then to clean and tidy the tomb and to sort through her meagre possessions. There were still many of her things missing but the runner hadn’t found her secret storage space above the door. Her most valuable belongings were still safe, the protection spell on them intact.

As she sat staring down at the stone floor, the dark angel tried to scan her own body to assess how well healed her wing truly was, Since her return, it had ached and felt bruised. All she could detect was scent of the sea moss that had been used to seal the wounds. She had tried to hunt the night before but had lacked the stamina to fly very far. A couple of sheep from a nearby field had had to suffice.

After all those long months of incapacity, the dark angel had a deep craving that needed to be satiated. A deep craving for human blood.

Naked, the runner slipped out of bed, taking care not to disturb the sleeping ice maiden. He paused to watch her sleep, smiling to himself as he recalled how satisfying their earlier lovemaking had been. Silently, he made his way through to the main room of the hut then, taking great care not to make any noise, he opened the drawer of the small table beside the stove and lifted out his mobile phone. Praying that it still worked, he switched it on. No power left in the battery.

“Time to try this magic shit,” he muttered to himself, frantically trying to recall the incantation for restoring power and praying that it worked for electronics as well as people.

A few moments later the phone screen lit up with the manufacturer’s logo. Ignoring the messages that flooded through, he found Google and typed in the website address his mother had given him. Holding his breath, he recorded the reference number and the password she’d chosen then he waited. A small circle spun round on the screen as the site searched for the information.

After what felt like an eternity, a map appeared on the small screen then a small flickering green light.

Their plan had succeeded. He knew exactly where the dark angel was. The debate now though was when should he reveal this information to Meryn….

Looking for something to read this week? Have you checked out Ellen?

“It’s fine, Rocky,” said Ellen, praying she sounded calmer than she felt. “Luke, I’ll make a deal with you. One error and I’m gone. One from you and the result’s the same. You go.”

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Have you met Ellen yet?

Ellen             “I vowed to prove them wrong.”

Tailz              “I believe this is about where we got to before.”

Luke              “You mess this up and you’re history! Hear me?”

Nana              “You should be soulmates not lovers.”

Emotions run high when Ellen Lloyd steps up to the mic as the new vocalist for rock band After Life. Will she prove to be heaven sent or will her arrival see the band descend into the depths of hell?

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