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Fancy a romantic Hallowe’en?


Fancy curling up this Hallowe’en with a pumpkin spiced latte to enjoy a romantic read?

If so then check out the Silver Lake series today before the Trick or Treaters are knocking on your door…. links –

Stronger Within –

Impossible Depths –

Bonded Souls – links –

Stronger Within –

Impossible Depths –

Bonded Souls –


Happy Hallowe’en, all




Which Colour Is Music To You?….


Anyone who reads this blog regularly or my sister blog, The 525 to Glasgow ( ) knows I love music.

I listen to hours and hours of music every week. I write with music playing in the background.

Last Saturday evening was no different-  except I decided to play this one old school…..

There really is something satisfying about placing that vinyl on the turntable, listening for that click as the stylus connects and then letting the magic unfold…..

My evening’s listening proved to be colourful.


and who said vinyl had to be black?



Looks like my vinyl collection certainly adds some colour 😉

A Brief Pause

comma nice

Well, the proof copy of Book Baby 5 aka Shattered Hearts has arrived!

Why is it, when you are happily writing your story that the humble comma slots in sweetly, doesn’t move, doesn’t give you attitude and appears almost innocent?

As its dictionary definition suggests, it is a mere “punctuation mark indicating a pause between parts of a sentence or separating items in a list ” but, the second it appears in print in a physical proof copy, it transforms into …..

comma evil

I swear these evil little critters have vanished or moved or hidden since I hit upload on that manuscript.

War has been declared!

Let battle – sorry proofreading – commence!

It’s all about perspective


As a creature of habit, I take the same route when I go for a walk along the shore at Lunderston Bay, a beauty spot near where I live. It’s very easy to allow routine to kick in and to not look around you.

More recently I’ve been using these walks almost as mindfulness sessions, taking the time to myself to clear my mind. I’ve left my iPod at home and focussed on the sounds of the world around me- the seabirds, the waves, the kids laughter as they play on the beach or in the playpark, dogs barking as they too play on the beach or in the water, the sheep in the fields, the wind around me. I’ve paid attention to the ground beneath my feet- the soft sand, the damp hardpacked sand along the water’s edge, the squishy feeling of the seaweed, the gravel of the path. I’ve paid attention to the sights – the small shells and bright white pebbles in the sand, the sun glinting off the water, the wildflowers that grow along the paths.

I wonder how many people visit this spot and see and hear and feel nothing, seeing it purely as place to let the kids or the dog run free?


Sometimes though you need to look at even the most beautiful places from a different perspective….and you can have a little fun whilst doing it.

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Fall (Autumn) Book Fair, anyone?




Looking for something different to read this Fall (Autumn)?

Wanting to check out some new authors?

Fancy the opportunity to enter a prise draw?


Great!  Please check out Michelle A Bailey.’s Romance Book Fair

It can be found here:

And, you know what? You might just find a couple of my book babies hiding in the Rock and Sports Romance section.

Happy reading, folks