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Pigeon Fancying In The Sun

Having headed off to Glasgow last Sunday morning to meet up with some special friends, I found myself with half an hour to spare before their train arrived into Queen St station.

So far it had been a pretty surreal morning. There had been a huge mix up between trains at Gourock station resulting in all the passengers doing three laps of the station and involving three trains. Bear in mind it’s a small station with only three platforms and one train an hour on a Sunday! The journey had progressed quite calmly and peacefully after that until the train was pulling into Glasgow’s Central Station and I noticed that the woman sitting across the aisle from me had donned a full Batman hood. “Ok, this is a bit weird,” I thought then noticed the teenage boy sitting opposite her was in full Batman costume. I assumed my caffeine levels were too low and chose to disregard them. On my way from the train, down the platform and across the concourse I passed The Penguin, three Jokers and a Klingon! A swift text home to Girl Child revealed the answer – Comic Con!

Whew! I wasn’t losing the plot after all!

A few minutes later I found myself basking in the sun in George Square, camera in hand. (Wish I’d had it handy as I’d walked through the station!)

Now those of you who are friends with me on Facebook and those of you who follow me on here may recall that I have a tendency to photograph seagulls. I can’t recall how it all began but it did involve a very bizarre conversation about how long they live.

Anyway, there was a distinct lack of seagull subject matter in George Square.

There were however plenty of their grey “cousins” hanging about. Yes, you’ve guessed it – pigeons! (For the record – pigeons in the wild live 5-6 years and 8-15 years in captivity)

They proved to be very obliging models as you can see and provided me with a few moments, alone and anonymous in the city with my camera, before I headed off to meet my friends for a fabulous day filled with coffee, good food, wine and  a lot of fun and laughter. All good for the soul.

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Expectant Book Baby Mummy…….

sparta dragon

I was talking to a friend this morning about how crazy, busy life can be. I had passed comment on the fact there was “me” and “her”.

“Her” goes to work in the salt mine five days a week. The salt mine has revolving doors at the entrance and the analogy I used was that, like Superman doing a swift change in a phone box, I leave “me” outside and pick “her” up on the way in. They swap places as I leave again at night.

Ok, I’ll confess, occasionally “me” sneaks out during the day.

Well, “me” has been busy.

Following hot on the heels of Book Baby aka Stronger Within, I’m now an expectant Book Baby Mummy again.

I think I’ve explained before on here that I’m a bit old fashioned with my writing approach. I prefer to write my initial draft out long hand.  The initial draft of Book Baby 2 has been nestling under the kitchen table ready to be brought to life for a while. (It was actually completed before I published Stronger Within.)

So now “me”s life is busy with typing up the first “official” draft of Book Baby 2.  A bit like a second pregnancy, I feel a little more prepared this time for the hard work that lies in the coming months.  Book Baby 2 is “due” in the Spring – all things going to plan.

It already has a title, Impossible Depths, and continues the Silver Lake journey with Jake and Lori.

Here’s a sneak peak inside –

Bright sunlight flooded the bedroom when Lori finally roused herself from sleep on Sunday morning. Instantly she knew she had slept late, but if a girl couldn’t have a long lie on her birthday, when could she? A single red rose lay on the nightstand beside the bed with a small white card tucked underneath it. On the card were a series of scribbled music notes and “Happy Birthday li’l lady. J x” written on it.

The night before both of them had worked on until after midnight, hence the need for the lie in. One of Lori’s deadlines had been pulled forward causing her to work flat out for three days straight as she tried to cram two weeks’ worth of work into four days.

Pulling on one of Jake’s discarded T-shirts, Lori lifted her rose and went through to the kitchen to put it in some water before it wilted. A bud vase already filled with water was sitting on the counter and under it was another card. This time the card had the same music notes drawn on it plus a picture of a sun. Curious, Lori put the rose into the vase and wandered through to the sunroom. Silence was filling the house and she felt confident that she was alone. In the centre of the sunroom one of the small occasional tables had been moved into the centre of the room and placed on the centre of it was a vase with eleven roses and another card. More music notes and a champagne glass were drawn on this one and a small pile of sand had been drizzled on top. With a smile, Lori wandered outside and across the deck to the edge of the path in her bare feet.

She spotted Jake immediately. Without pausing to dress or to fetch her cane, she very carefully made her way across the warm, soft sand towards the picnic blanket and her fiancé. As she drew closer, she saw he had a champagne brunch laid out for them. He was sitting on the sand with his back to her, facing the ocean and was playing his beloved acoustic guitar.

“Hi,” said Lori softly as she reached the edge of the blanket.

“Happy birthday, beautiful,” said Jake, as he turned to face her.

Carefully, he laid his guitar in its case and got gracefully to his feet. In two long strides, he was beside her and had wrapped his arms round her. “Happy Birthday,” he whispered before kissing her tenderly.

“Thank you,” replied Lori with a bright smile. “I never expected this.”

“That was the general idea.”

Taking her by the hand Jake led her over to the blanket, then helped her to sit down and get comfortable. While Lori settled herself, he popped the cork on the bottle of champagne, firing it towards the ocean. Bubble flowed over the rim as he poured them each a glass.

Passing her a half full glass, he said, “Here’s to many more birthdays, li’l lady.”

“To us,” she toasted, raising her glass to his.

Watch this space for more Book Baby 2 news.

If you missed Book Baby aka Stronger Within, you can still find it on Amazon

Can We Hit The Pause Button For A Moment Please

Confession – no “proper” blog post this week.

The “real” world has been running at 100mph for days.The “creative” world has been dominated by Book Baby 2.

I’ve also been trying to get my new music review blog and associated FB page off the ground . (  and if you fancy checking them out).

So apologies for the lack of a proper update. Normal chaos will resume next week….hopefully.

In the meantime, here’s some cute cats ( well isn’t that what everyone looks at online at some point!)

IMAG2012_1 IMAG2801 IMAG0001 IMAG0125

And as a random after thought….a grape mouse 😉


What The Hell Is That?

Ok, I need your help here guys.

Last weekend, Girl Child and I set off on a leisurely meander to the local garden centre. (Being a teenager she doesn’t go for a walk. She endures the fact she has to be out in bright sunlight for more than a split second, bemoaning the fact that she is burning and has been forced into motion – slow motion!) As is my usual want, I had taken my camera with me. Well there has to be something along that stretch of road that has escaped my attention up until now!

We were half way back when I spotted it! Considering how short sighted I am, I’m a little bit pleased to have spotted it. However, compared to other examples I’ve seen locally in the past, this was a giant. It really was kind of hard to miss!

Girl Child paused- any excuse to stop walking- then declared her disgust at it and kept walking.

I stood for a moment, fascinated as I watched it feast on the vegetation. I swear, you could almost hear it crunching!

So what was it?

It was this.

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Possibly the largest caterpillar I’ve seen in Scotland! It wasn’t the bonniest one I’ve ever seen, that’s for sure. It had to be almost ten centimetres in length and about a centimetre and a half maybe in diameter. He/she looked to be a prime specimen.

But a prime specimen of what?

That’s where I need your help.

Does anyone out there know what this critter will transform into?

I’m guessing, this late in the year, it is destined to be some kind of moth. It seems too late for it to be transforming into a butterfly.

I searched Google but to no avail. I have now seen more caterpillar photos than I can stomach but I’m still curious to discover what the true identity of this critter is.

So HELP! Any ideas what this fine specimen of a very hungry caterpillar will become?

Grandpa Bunny Bunny Does A Good Job

As a little girl I was given the gift of a big blue book of Disney tales. I loved that book! In fact, I still have it.

Among the more popular Disney stories was the story of Grandpa Bunny Bunny. This is a lesser known story, originally published in 1951, about Grandpa Bunny Bunny teaching the younger bunnies how to “decorate” nature with stunning colours. This patriarch realises he about to “go away” as the story phrases it and prepares a special surprise  – a sunset.

Now, forty years on, every time I see a beautiful sunset or the occasional sunrise, I still think “Grandpa Bunny Bunny did a good job on that one.”

Here’s a few he’s created over the past few months.











note- none of these photos have been touched up in any way. It’s all nature’s colours…or Grandpa Bunny Bunny’s artwork