Puddy Paws

Small black fluffy paws pounce.

Eyes bright, ears erect, tail flicking.

Slowly the paw’s raised.

A movement in the blink of an eye.

Again the paws pounce.

Pink tongue flashes out-

Prey licked up.

Eyes wide, a shake of the head.


Prey spat out.

The spider scuttles away,

Free to spin webs once more.

The cat foiled for the day

Lays in wait by the door.

2 responses to “Puddy Paws

  1. Ha! Love this – and can just picture the disgruntled cat when it tastes the spider! This happens in our house too. Except…our old lady cat Tilly, now gone for a few years, used to eat the darn things, with relish. She clearly had faulty taste buds!


  2. Sioux will eat them if they are quite small. I remember watching him with the one that inspired this. It was quite large ( any spider is too large for me as they terrify me) and once he had it in his mouth the legs were obviously tickling him . It scuttled off under the hall cupboard door and the poor fur ball sat there patiently willing it to reappear


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