March 2019


Ok…who stole February? I feel as though I blinked and missed it! So, here we are, rapidly approaching the end of March already!

So, what’s been happening then?

Writing … blogging ….. typing ……repeat! Life has taken on its creative rhythm for the year. It’s going to be a busy one!

In February, I experimented with some extra short fiction. Several times I’ve written 1000 word pieces of flash fiction but, in a moment of madness, I decided to attempt a 100 word story. Keeping it short and sweet with my stories isn’t my forte so it felt like good exercise on self-discipline too. I was happy with the end result and published it on my blog. You missed it? Not to worry, you can check it out below


I should maybe add photography to the list of weekly activities.  I also indulged my creative photographic side too by enjoying s beach walk on a crisp winter’s day with my crystal ball.


My music blogging alter ego was also set free during February when I went to see Rival Sons at the start of the month and then Slash ft Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators play sell out shows in Glasgow.  Two great nights of musical entertainment! Loved every second of them! Again, my camera was out to play too and after a bit of “tweaking” I was quite pleased with the end results.


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March has seen my focus return to Book Baby 5 primarily. I have been working diligently on both writing and typing. It’s always a relief to me when I reach 50 000 typed words. I need to slow up on the typing for the next couple of weeks to allow me to forge ahead with the writing bit. Book Baby 5 has a title! But….. I’m not quite ready to reveal that just yet. Book Baby 5 also has a “draft” cover! I stumbled across the photo that will be the cover image almost by accident. Sometimes procrastinating by playing on the internet actually does pay dividends!  The cover needs work but the “idea” is there……patience, all will be revealed in due course. I think you’ll like it. I hope you like it!!

I’ve also been trying to promote my existing book babies. This is always a challenge. I was delighted though to be a guest author on  to promote Ellen. Missed the interview? Not to worry, I’ve shared the link below:

2018 pt 4

This week sees a first. On Wednesday night, I’ll be attending my first ever book launch. I have contributed two poems to an anthology that has been compiled by a local mental health awareness group  Details of the book Inspirational Poetry can be found in the link below:

Oh, and as promised, my favourite dark angel made her first appearance of the year on March’s full moon in the next instalment in the Silently Watching series. You can check it out on my main blog.

She’ll be back in a few months’ time to continue the tale.


2019 is turning into a busy year!

As my mantra says “Dreams get you started. Discipline keeps you going.”

Till next time.

Love n hugs

Coral  xx


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