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I don’t profess to be a great outdoors type of person. However this word aptly describes something I need to do on a daily basis, weather permitting, for the sake of my sanity. (Well, what’s left of it!)


I am fortunate that the “salt mine” where I work is situated in a stunning location on the banks of the River Clyde. There is a wide waterfront path that runs right past the building. Perfect for a lunchtime stroll.

Occasionally I share my lunchtime meander with a friend but, more often than not, it’s just me and my iPod….or is it?

I’ve blogged before about my passion for photography so it will come as no surprise to learn that almost every walk results in the odd photo or two or ten!

A common theme has begun to emerge…….

Even when there isn’t another human in sight, there’s usually  “someone” on the fence keeping a watchful eye.

I am beginning to wonder who is stalking who!

Then other days, there’s not a creature to be seen!


Pause: Rewind: And Breathe!

Is it just me or has someone put the world into fast forward over the past couple of weeks?

I feel like I’ve blinked and lost a week!

So what’s been happening?

Quick whistle stop tour of the past couple of weeks coming up!

Mainly the “real world” has been taking more of my time.  No major dramas. Just busy busy!

On the creative front, Book Baby 2 has been monopolising my time in various guises.

The first draft is finally typed. Hallelujah! Now to start re-drafting and editing. Honestly, writing the story is proving yet again to be the easy bit.

I’ve also had the “torturous” task of sourcing an appropriate cover image/photo. I’ve finally agreed on one but I’m keeping it under wraps for now. I’m  confident the Jake Power fans among you won’t be disappointed.  😉

I have however come up with my “promo” shot for Book Baby 2. That I can share!

Impossible Depths promo shot.jpg

I also escaped  “out to play” last Thursday. The 149 day live music drought ended with a memorable night in The Cathouse watching Crobot.  Thanks, guys! Hurry back! My  ears were ringing, buzzing and hissing until Sunday.

I’ve already “blogged” about it on my other blog page The 525 To Glasgow. Here’s the link if you want to check it out –


So now it’s time to pause, rewind a bit on the Book Baby 2 front as I commence the re-drafting and editing process and to breathe!

Normal blog antics will resume when I’ve caught my breath!




Liebster Award —–my first blogging award!


The Liebster Award comes to me from Danica at Living A Beautiful Life ( Thank you very much!

I was delighted to be awarded this Liebster Award. My first blogging award!

Please take a moment to check out Danica’s blog. It’s a refreshing look at life in all its glorious randomness.

What is the Liebster Award?

The word “liebster” (originating in German) has several definitions:  dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued.  In the current context, this award recognizes bloggers who share their story or thoughts in a beautiful manner to connect with their viewers and followers.

What are the rules for the Liebster Award?

The rules for the Liebster Award have changed over time and I’m approaching them with some flexibility.

Here are the rules:

  1. Post the award on your blog.
  2. Thank the blogger who presented this award and link back to their blog.
  3. Write 11 random facts about yourself.
  4. Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter.
  5. Nominate 11 bloggers you feel deserve this award and who have less than 200 followers.( I’ll bend the rules slightly here if no one objects)
  6. Ask your nominees 11 questions.

My Liebsterly Nominees:

Karen Soutar (

Ally (

Dawn Mander (

Mari Wells (

Kruti Mehta (


My Random facts:

  1. I have an irrational fear of bananas
  2. I hate getting my hair cut
  3. I thrive on black coffee
  4. My first pet was a tortoise called Sally and she ran away
  5. The worst job I ever had was working for Wimpy, the burger chain.
  6. One of my favourite films is El Dorado with John Wayne and Robert Mitchum
  7. My first rock “crush” was Francis Rossi from Status Quo
  8. I love motorsport especially motoGP
  9. I’m a cat person not a dog person
  10. My mobile phone has over 10000 photos stored on it
  11. I’m a creature of habit


My Questions from Danica were:

  1. Would you travel to Mars?

Yes. Although I may need to stock up my Kindle with reading material for the trip

  1. If you could be born into history as any famous person who would you be and why?

I honestly have no idea! Most of the characters from history that intrigue me came to an unfortunate end! Probably a wife of one of the Roman emperors. Livia, wife of Augustus and Tiberius, perhaps.

  1. What is the longest you’ve gone without sleep?

About 30 hours. I did however go three years without a full night’s sleep after the birth of my son.

  1. You discover an island upon which you may build your own society.  You make the rules.  What is the first rule that you implement?

Honesty by all at all times

  1. If you could spend one week attending any special events (music/sports/ballet/show dogs/anything) what is your itinerary?

Rock shows, on the rail, every night!

  1. What is your favorite word?

I don’t have one. I do like unusual words. Cattywumpus being one that comes to mind. (Google it!)

  1. What would you like to be doing one year from now?

Lying on my favourite beach in the sun listening to the ocean

  1. What is the weirdest scar you have and how did you get it?

I don’t have any worth mentioning.

  1. What is the last song you listened to?

Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd

  1. Do you like thunderstorms?

Yes- I love watching lightning!

  1. What is a question that you’d be afraid to answer truthfully?

Hmm…good question! –What weight are you? ha ha

My questions for my nominees:

  1. What’s the last book you read?
  2. If you could click your fingers and transport yourself anywhere, where would you go and why?
  3. First record/CD you ever bought?
  4. You are hosting a dinner party and can invite 5 famous people (dead or alive) who would you invite and why?
  5. Favourite season?
  6. What advice would you give to your 15 year old self?
  7. What is your most treasured possession and why does it mean so much to you?
  8. First concert you ever went to was?
  9. Where is your favourite place to sit and write?
  10. What three things motivate you?
  11. Which book/song do you wish you’d written?

The Spooky Transformation Of The Big Green Gummi Bear

Hallowe’en brings out the inner child in many of us. The Big Green Gummi Bear is no exception.

The annual Hallowe’en fancy dress party at the local boat club is one of the highlights in his social calendar. Costume planning begins months in advance! (I’m not joking- he’s already mooted a few ideas for 2016!)

This year, with the expert help of Girl Child, he excelled himself.

Together they sourced appropriate professional face paint, latex horns (he compromised at five) plus adhesive and adhesive remover. No expense was spared – well apart from a few horns!

Girl Child had him well warned to be home early on Saturday afternoon and shortly before four o’clock his transformation began.

First stage- she nervously shaved his head! (Eek- brave Big Green Gummi Bear!)

collage 1

Second stage- the outlining

collage 2

Third stage – horn application and eyebrow gluing

collage 3

While the glue dried, I served up an early family dinner. It’s quite disconcerting eating your dinner with someone sitting across the table from you wearing horns!

Fourth stage – let the painting commence

collage 4

Fifth stage- time for some colour

collage 5

Sixth (or should that be Sith) stage- the finishing touches!

collage 6

Three and a half hours after she started, the transformation was complete. The end result was spectacular! The photos really don’t do all of Girl Child’s hard work justice.


Time to party!  But that’s another story…..

Apologies – sincere apologies to the local trick or treaters who got scared half to death when Darth Maul opened the door to them. And a second apology to the unknown child that he terrified when he stopped en route to the party to use the ATM.