May 2019


How are you all?

Can’t believe its newsletter time again!

As I said last time out, my primary focus just now in my creative world is Book Baby 5. Most evenings, after a long day in the “salt mine”, have involved writing or typing and the proofreading process is now underway. It’s all systems GO….no going back now! EEKKK!


Someone asked me recently why I refer to my books as “book babies”. Each of my books starts out as this tiny wee nugget of an idea then it slowly grows over a period of months and takes shape, develops, then there is the labour of love that is the proofreading and editing phase followed by that final push to get it out into the world on its due date. The analogy works for me!

Each book baby experience has been different – a bit like each real pregnancy. This time round something strange has happened. Book Baby 5 is the first one to have a title before I had even started to write the story.

To celebrate my sixth “Silver Lake” creative birthday on 8th May, I revealed that title to the world.

title reveal


The cover (yes, it has one of those too already) and release date will be revealed in due course so you’ll just need to be patient a little while longer. 😉


So, what else have I been up to since we last spoke?

Well, my alter ego, The525ToGlasgow, has slipped out to play a couple of times. I’d love to say purely in the interests of research for all things Silver Lake but that would be a big fat lie LOL. Anyone who knows me, knows I love my live rock shows! Missed the tales of my recent escapes? No worries, here’s the links:


I’ve also kept my weekly blog posts up to date but, as I reviewed these before starting to compile this newsletter, I realised that photography has a played a big part in them over the past couple of months.

I love taking photos almost as much as I love writing. My phone and my laptop have a ridiculous amount of images stored in them! No matter how dull and grey the day, there’s always a little piece of magic to be captured. #evertheoptimist

Something else that keeps me out of mischief (some of the time) is another social media venture that I don’t think I’ve shared here before. Here, take a look –

This Instagram fan page is only a few followers shy of the magical 1000 followers milestone. I admin another fan page on Facebook supporting Myles Kennedy but this growing Instagram page is my own. Haven’t heard of him? Well, I’ll let you check him out for yourselves. You can thank me later. 😊

Life’s been busy! Busy is good!

Summer is rapidly approaching. Woohoo!!!  It’s the one time of year that folk look to pick up a book to read on their holiday flights or by the pool as they chill for two weeks in the sun. Please feel free to recommend my babies to your friends and family or perhaps even read them yourself. Indie authors rely on word of mouth marketing so each kind word is greatly appreciated.

Well, I’ve a book baby crying for some attention. It’s not going to write itself!

Huge thanks again for the ongoing love and support.

Love and hugs

Coral xx




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