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August?….who stole Summer?

NO!…. I’m not ready for summer to be over for another year 😥

I love summer. I love the light nights, the long days, the sunshine…even the smell of summer rain. Well, I live in Scotland after all LOL

There is no denying it though…summer is slipping away all too quickly. Even Mother Nature is leaving hints for us. Look!

Maybe we’ll get an Indian summer…. ever the optimist 🙂

Riley- now available to pre-order

Riley – now available to pre-order

Around her the bedroom was lit by half a dozen candles, their shadows dancing on the walls. A delicate vanilla fragrance filled the room. The gothic palace lay silent. It was almost midnight. Sitting cross-legged in the middle of the large four-poster bed, Riley sat staring down at the CD in her hands. Her CD. Her debut album that was due to be released worldwide on the stroke of midnight.

A box of CDs had been delivered that morning with a note from the record company saying simply, “Autograph these in time for the launch party on February 29th.” She’d signed her way through two silver Sharpie markers before all the CD inserts were autographed. At Garrett’s suggestion, she’d practiced her autograph on a few sheets of paper before deciding how she wanted to sign it. Initially it had been fun sitting at Garrett’s huge rosewood dining table signing the insert for each disc but after the first fifty or so the novelty swiftly wore off. Two hours later she had finished the chore. All of the discs had been signed -all bar one. The one she held in her trembling hands.

Pre-order using the links below to ensure Riley is ready and waiting on your kindle on 18 Nov 2022

Riley eBook : McCallum, Coral: Kindle Store

** note- this tale makes reference to self-harm**

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Free e-book for the weekend, anyone?

Haven’t done a Freebie Friday for a while so let’s change that today.

Stronger Within, book 1 in the Silver Lake series is FREE to download today!

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Sunrise – the beauty of a brand new day no matter where you are

Following on from last week’s Sunset blog, I thought I’d share Sunrise with you.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I watch the sun rise more or less every day at my favourite beach in the USA thanks to the talents of several photographers and the wonders of Facebook.

Those few moments of calm, watching the sky light up and the waves wash in provide a precious moment of tranquility.

One day, when the time is right and the planets align, I will sit on that beach and watch that sunrise for myself. Until then, this short poem inspired by those wonderful videos and photos will need to suffice.

Sitting on the soft cool sand waiting watching

Until the sun crests the horizon to the east

Never tiring of the colours of a new day

Reflecting on the past

Imagining the future

Seeking solace in the early morning calm

Emptying my mind of past pain and heartache

Choosing a photo to accompany this blog was hard. There are so many stunning ones to choose from.

Credits to the owner of the image – Elliot MacGuire Photography (photo is tagged)

If you want to check out sunrise for yourself then here’s a few links to choose from

  Elliot MacGuire Photography | Facebook

  Kim Johnson Photography | Facebook

  Stephanie Faust Photography | Facebook

 Susan McLean Photography | Facebook

Each of these photographers is super talented. Who know, perhaps our paths will cross on the beach one morning.

Sunset – an acrostic poem

Silently sinking below the horizon

Unseen by those who choose not to look

Nature’s beauty for all to enjoy

Streaking a pallet of colours across the evening skies

Ever-changing diminishing light amending the tones

Taking the stresses and strains of today away.