Like mother like daughter

A bit of an impromptu post but I hope you appreciate it.

I discovered this morning that Girl Child really is my daughter through and through.

As usual I wakened her before I headed off for my shower. It is like wakening the dead and you do take your life in your hands even attempting it – she’s never really been a morning person. Satisfied though that she was indeed awake I left her room confident that she would drag herself out of bed.

Now normally by the time I am out of the shower her “bat cave” is rattling to the delights on her iPod. Silence is never a good sign and usually implies she still in bed and that I have to dice with death a second time before my first coffee of the day.

This morning – total silence.

Still rather damp round the edges I charged in expecting to find her under the duvet but the bed was empty. Girl Child was sitting on the floor in her favourite spot in front of the radiator on the verge of tears. Tears of fanatic frustration.

Resisting the motherly urge to yell at her for still being in her pyjamas at 7.20am I calmly enquired “What’s the matter? Are you ok?”

“I can’t find the iTunes radio streaming of their new album!” came the wail followed by the tears.

Her favourite band’s new album should’ve been streaming online but her netbook had crashed, her iTunes account was playing up (not helped by our deathly slow internet speed) and her fragile teenage world was coming to an over dramatic end.

Common motherly sense told me to yell at her for wasting time when she should have been getting dressed for school. The rock fan mother in me took a deep breath.

I remembered my excitement late last September at getting a certain signed CD two days before its official release date and having to go out for three hours before I got the opportunity to play it. I understood only too well the irrational desire to hear the music right there and then.

I knew exactly how she felt.

“Let me get my laptop. We’ll try my iTunes,” I heard myself saying.

Within a few – to her endless – minutes I had logged on and found the album streaming. Result – on ecstatically happy Girl Child now getting ready for school.

Normality had resumed. The “bat cave” began to vibrate to the God awful noise!




2 responses to “Like mother like daughter

  1. Superb! I remember when Junior got the dreaded yellow circle of death on his X box/PS whatever/computer thing! I was in tears laughing at him. He was raging which made me laugh even louder! No parental empathy (unlike you) more raging tantrums from Junior more sniggers from me. Karma though, the Wee Sh*t went out the next day and used his savings to buy another one! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


  2. Well done! Rock mum through and through! xx


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