iPod Overload and the evolution of the ” Big Green Gummi Bear Friendly” Playlist

It’s no secret that I love my music and am rarely out of reach of my iPod so, as a treat to myself for surviving the first week back at work after Staycation 2014, I decided to treat myself to a new album. Having successfully purchased said album and added it to my iTunes library, I began to sync my iPod and got a message I’ve been dreading…

“Device full” or words to that effect. 

The time had come when I would need to cull some of the tracks stored on the beloved device. … But how to choose!

Now I know there’s a dozen different ways to solve my dilemma without unnecessary sacrifice, which I duly made use of, but it got me thinking – how do you choose your favourites?

To me, that has to be one of the most difficult questions in the world – closely followed by favourite books or favourite films. All three are continually evolving. All three, certainly for me, are mood/frame of mind driven.

With the storage problem resolved for now, I decided to try an experiment. I would create a new playlist of “mellow rock tracks” and kill two birds with one stone. I’d identify my current tracks of choice and, hopefully, create a playlist that was more acceptable to the Big Green Gummi Bear’s sensitive “pop” ears and limit the number of times I’m firmly requested to “turn that shite down.”

I began to trawl through the list of songs. I deliberately never set a limit to the number to be included but had soon compiled the playlist version one- some fifty plus songs. Upon reviewing the list “rock” was being used quite fluidly in respect of content!

So who made the cut?

Well artists included ranged from the obvious firm favourites (Alter Bridge, Slash, Shinedown, Halestorm and Black Stone Cherry) to The Quireboys, Five Finger Death Punch, Garth Brooks, The Black Keys, Metallica, Rival Sons, Bad Company, Alice In Chains, Steely Dan and Sevendust to name a few. An eclectic mix I’m sure you’ll all agree.

As I played it through I realised I’d missed a few favourites so cue version two and then after a further musical flashback version three.

For a few brief hours I was happy with it then I began to read the latest edition of Classic Rock magazine. It’s a special edition celebrating 200 issues and is a compilation of 200 interviews with everyone who’s anyone. Cue another venture onto iTunes in search of various songs over the years that had slipped through the net- Genesis, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Free, Jo Bonamassa and The Black Crowes found their place in the mix.

My “mellow rock tracks” playlist version four is currently 85 songs long running to some 6 hrs 42 mins.

On the plus side, I’ve not been asked to turn it down all weekend 

Now to go and start the “Hard and Heavy” playlist……


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