Habit? Routine? Me? …eh……perhaps….

I sat as usual on Sunday morning, coffee and cinnamon raisin bagel to hand, to write my blog post for the week. After a bit of deliberation, I wrote a reasonable blog. The coffee was done. The bagel was long since gone. I packed away my stuff ready to type it up and post it on Monday.

Monday arrived and I stopped in my tracks…….

When I started this blog it wasn’t meant to become routine!

I am an incredible creature of habit. No point in even trying to deny the fact. Anyone who knows me knows that you can almost set your watch by my habits!

I certainly never intended and or intend this blog to become habit!

So I binned the planned post! (Well, it is still handwritten in my notebook so I reserve the right to revisit it another time.)

So now I have no blog to post.

Perhaps this is all reflective of a slight crisis of confidence that I’ve been working through over the last couple of weeks.

Perhaps not……

So while I seek some inspiration for my next “proper” blog please enjoy a few photographic moments from the last few days.






2 responses to “Habit? Routine? Me? …eh……perhaps….

  1. I know what you mean! Although I like to try and post once a week, this week I hadn’t prepared anything, and no funny random topics sprang to mind – so I haven’t posted yet. No point doing it just for the sake of it. 😉
    The pics are lovely. xx

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