The Spooky Transformation Of The Big Green Gummi Bear

Hallowe’en brings out the inner child in many of us. The Big Green Gummi Bear is no exception.

The annual Hallowe’en fancy dress party at the local boat club is one of the highlights in his social calendar. Costume planning begins months in advance! (I’m not joking- he’s already mooted a few ideas for 2016!)

This year, with the expert help of Girl Child, he excelled himself.

Together they sourced appropriate professional face paint, latex horns (he compromised at five) plus adhesive and adhesive remover. No expense was spared – well apart from a few horns!

Girl Child had him well warned to be home early on Saturday afternoon and shortly before four o’clock his transformation began.

First stage- she nervously shaved his head! (Eek- brave Big Green Gummi Bear!)

collage 1

Second stage- the outlining

collage 2

Third stage – horn application and eyebrow gluing

collage 3

While the glue dried, I served up an early family dinner. It’s quite disconcerting eating your dinner with someone sitting across the table from you wearing horns!

Fourth stage – let the painting commence

collage 4

Fifth stage- time for some colour

collage 5

Sixth (or should that be Sith) stage- the finishing touches!

collage 6

Three and a half hours after she started, the transformation was complete. The end result was spectacular! The photos really don’t do all of Girl Child’s hard work justice.


Time to party!  But that’s another story…..

Apologies – sincere apologies to the local trick or treaters who got scared half to death when Darth Maul opened the door to them. And a second apology to the unknown child that he terrified when he stopped en route to the party to use the ATM.

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