Sun Has Stopped Play….well writing


For the past few weeks the sun has shone down on the Clyde coast. The weather has been fabulous but it’s had a dreadful effect on my creative productivity.

I cannot resist the lure of the evening sun during the week or any sun at the weekends and have been regularly spotted sitting outdoors with my nose buried in my Kindle.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve spent hour after hour in the sun. It’s no secret that I adore warm sunny weather. Lunchtimes have been spent walking along the River Clyde near to the salt mine. Where possible, meetings for work have taken place outdoors. We’ve even had “weetings” – walking meetings! (Every step has been counting towards my team’s GCC target- 10000 steps each a day for a 100 days) Evenings have been spent sitting on the front doorstep until the sun sinks behind the roofs across the street.

 I have the suntan to prove it!                   

Book Baby 3 has suffered a little neglect ….I’m a bad book baby mummy. I have written some of it outdoors in recent days but the part that I’m working on doesn’t lend itself to outdoor creativity. (No- you’re not getting any storyline hints!)

What I have been doing is devouring books! My Kindle has definitely been well used of late.

So, what have I been reading?

It’s been an eclectic mix. Here’s some of the highlights of my summer booklist to date-


Rock My World by Julie Shackman – a paranormal rock star romance tale. 7/10

His Perfect Imperfection by Natasza Waters – a contemporary love story  7/10

Flight To Coorah Creek by Janet Glover – an outback/flying doctors contemporary romance  8/10

The Vampire’s Human Companion by Cecil Wilde – beyond description and blessedly short – 3/10

Perfect Daughter (No Greater Courage) by Amanda Prowse – a powerful and emotional family drama  8/10

Me Before You – Jojo Moyes – a powerful love story that is one of the few books to make me sob – loved it!  10/10

Behind Closed Doors – B A Paris-  a very gripping thriller. Absolutely loved the ending!  10/10


And now I’m currently reading The Physician by Noah Gordon and am totally immersed in 11th Century Persia! (Thanks, Iris!)


Fans of the Silver Lake series will be pleased to hear that this spell of glorious weather is due to break any day so normal creative productivity will resume with the rain!

One response to “Sun Has Stopped Play….well writing

  1. I’ve read Me Before You – fantastic book. Made me cry too. I really like Jojo Moyes – not all her books are as gut-wrenching as that one! 😉

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