When Did We Become So Timebound?….


A thought struck me this morning at 7:51am to be precise.

I’d been awake for two hours and one minute at this point.

It struck me how controlled by time life is.

My alarm clock had gone off at 5:50am as it does every “school” day. I had to be in the bathroom by 6:10am so that I would be out  again, clean and shining, by 6:30am to waken Girl Child. (OK, the lure of the hot water jet kept me in there a few extra minutes this morning and I wakened her at 6:40am) Boy Child had to be up at 7:15am to give him time to shower before dashing off to uni.

In order to get to the “salt mine” via the school and allowing for traffic I had to leave by 8:20am.

Even before I reached my desk, three hours of my day had been controlled by the clock.

It goes without really saying that the following eight and a half hours were strictly controlled by the clock as I moved from meetings to audios, a brief thirty minute break for a lunchtime coffee, then more audios and meetings…..sigh…..

Even my evening so far is timebound as I endeavour to ensure that dinner is ready at the right time then, in due course, that someone picks up Girl Child from work at 9:15pm.

When did our lives become so controlled by time?

I remember as a little girl saving up my pocket money to buy a red Snoopy watch. “Why?” I’m now asking myself….

Life’s been timebound ever since!

What would life be like if we weren’t controlled by clocks?

Would it be more relaxed and less stressful?

Could we live our lives keeping track of the time using the sun like our ancestors did?

Would we be healthier if we followed this more natural rhythm? Would we only eat when our bodies were actually hungry rather than being driven by “it’s one o’clock I must stop for lunch”?

I realise that, in a practical sense, we need time constraints and appointment times but what if over the weekend we stopped checking up on the time and just went with the flow?


A thought to ponder on…..however the clock’s telling me that my dinner is ready and it’s time to eat!


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One response to “When Did We Become So Timebound?….

  1. I often wonder the same thing. Yet here I am thinking: half past nine, right that’s two hours until bedtime – does anything still need done? Sigh…

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