Book Baby 6…yes, it’s a work in progress


It’s been a while since I mentioned my current “work in progress” aka Book Baby 6…ok it also has a “real” title but I’m keeping that under wraps for now.

Book Baby 6 will be the 5th book in the Silver Lake series…and, yes, it will also be the last book in the series.

DON’T PANIC, Silver Lakers, there will be more from some of your favourite characters in the future…. I promise!

A few folk have asked me why I am ending the series and the reasons are simple-

  1. Personally, I feel that 5 books in the one series are enough. I don’t want folk to start thinking I’m kicking the ass out of it.
  2. From an indie author angle, it is getting harder and harder to gain traction from book  bloggers and book reviewers to help promote the books. Getting reviews is always a bit of a slog but getting bloggers/reviewers engaged for book 5 when they perhaps haven’t read the others in the series is tough…very tough! ( If you are a book blogger and are interested in reading and reviewing the series, please get in touch. I have eARC copies available)

So where am I at with the story?


My best guess is that I’m 25/30% of the way there with the first draft. To continue the pregnancy analogy I’ve used for previous book babies, we’re still in the first trimester! I’m onto the second notebook out of a probable five.


I’m not the best planner when it comes to writing out the plot, planning the storyboard etc but this time I have a plan, a timeline, key scenes in mind…hell, I even know how it’s going to end!

But, for now, you’ll need to be patient 😉

Ok….I’ll tease you with a little tiny piece of it…

Everything round about him felt warm and familiar. The silky soft Egyptian cotton sheets. The weight of the duvet. The gentle ticking of the grandfather clock in the hallway outside the bedroom door.

He was home…

He glanced to his left and smiled. Lori was curled up on her side still sleeping peacefully, her long golden braid draped across the pillow.

There’s a LOT of work to be done over the coming months!

If you’ve missed the first four books in the series, there’s plenty of time to catch up. I’ll add the sales links at the bottom for you.

Book Baby 6 has a target publication date of “early 2021”. (No, I’m not being any more specific at this stage!).

I think I’ve teased you enough 🙂



If you’ve missed the start of the series then check out the first four books today- links –

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Shattered Hearts – links –

Stronger Within –

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