Can I tempt you into some weekend reading?


Five minutes after the class was scheduled to have started, the door flew open and a tiny girl with dyed green hair flew in.

“Sorry, sir. Car wouldn’t start,” she explained then looked up and exclaimed, “Shit! You’re Jake Power! You’re actually him!”

Staring straight at the new arrival, Jake fought back the urge to smile. Struggling to maintain a poker face, he said, “And you must be the late Miss Riley. Take a seat. We can discuss your late slip at break.”

Cheeks burning with embarrassment, the girl sat on the first free chair with a clatter.

“Ok, let’s make a start,” began Jake warmly. “First things first. Let’s get all this star-struck crap over and done with. Yes, I am Jake Power. Yes, I am in the band Silver Lake. Yes, I sing with the British band Weigh Station. But, for the next two weeks, I am just Jake Power, music teacher. Savvy?”

“If you’re the big rock star, why are you spending your summer teaching class?” asked Cody bluntly. “Shouldn’t you be on tour or in the studio or something?”

“Too direct,” commented Jake firmly. “Musicians don’t spend their entire lives on the road or holed up in the studio. We have lives and families. I used to teach here a few years ago before Silver Lake took off. Over the years I’ve come back now and again to take a class or run a workshop. I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure of teaching any of you before. Silver Lake finished up their tour in June. We’re due in the studio in September so I’ve had some downtime. I’ve chosen to spend some of it with you. Is that ok with you, Cody?”


“Good. Glad to hear it,” said Jake.

(extract from Shattered Hearts)


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