Stronger Within – book one in the Silver Lake series…come inside and meet Silver Lake

While the adults chatted, Becky used the kid’s entertainment pack to keep herself amused. After a time, Lori noticed that the little girl was quieter than usual.

“What are you drawing?” she asked softly, leaning over to take a look.

“Daddy and my Silver Lake uncles,” replied the little girl seriously. “But I can’t draw the music.”

With a flash of inspiration, Lori showed the little girl how to draw a variety of music notes. Soon the page and several napkins were covered in their doodles.

“Having fun, girls?” enquired Rich, lifting one of the napkins.

Lori laughed, “Yes. Do you want to keep that one?”

“A Lori original,” he teased grinning mischievously. “Will you autograph this original artwork please?”

Without realising what she’d done, Lori signed her flamboyant Mz Hyde signature and passed it back. Rich looked at it, then at her then at Jake.

“Mz Hyde?” he asked, eyes wide. “THE Mz Hyde?”

Lori smiled and nodded slowly.

“Jesus!” cried Rich. “You did our album artwork!”

“Yes,” replied Lori. “I did. That’s what you do to help out a friend or to say thank you or both.”

“I paid a fortune for a signed print of your last album artwork!”

“Well, you better take good care of that napkin, then, Rich,” said Lori softly, mischief twinkling in her blue eyes. “It’s an original.”

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