2021…what’s your goal?

I was checking back on my previous first blog posts of the year and noticed that I never set any goals for 2020…maybe some sixth sense was already at play there.

While I was out for a walk at the weekend, I was thinking about potential goals for 2021. (Ever the optimist)

Creatively, there are two that I’ll strive for:

  1. Publish Long Shadows on 14 February 2021 (with the hope of getting at least 25 pre-orders before then…. yes that was a hint!)
  2. Post one blog on here every week.

In life, there’s just one:

  1. To live in a world once more where we can hug our friends and family.

I think the first two might be easier to achieve….

It’s a crazy, screwed up, cruel world we’re living in. No matter what goals you set for yourself this year, I wish you health and happiness to achieve them. As my mantra says  – dreams get you started, discipline keeps you going.

Take care. Stay safe, folks

Love n hugs

Coral xx

One response to “2021…what’s your goal?

  1. great goals
    but really says a lot about a place if it’s easier to publish than to give a simple hug to someone lol

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