The Soundtrack to My Life vol. 1

A Facebook post by a friend caught my eye earlier and got me thinking (seldom a good thing).The post asked you to add a link to your own wall to the song that was at number one in the charts on the day that you were born. I’d seen a similar post a while ago and knew the answer but it got me thinking about songs that would make up the album “The Soundtrack to My Life vol. 1″– a compilation of the tracks that were number one in the UK charts at salient points of  my life. Now you’re all starting to think about songs from your past, aren’t you?

So, after a bit of research, here’s my track list for volume one: –

Aug 1975 (when I started primary school) – Typically Tropical “Barbados”

May 1988 (when I left high school) – Wet Wet Wet “With A Little Help From My Friends”

Sept 1988 (when I met The Big Green Gummi Bear) – Yazz & the Plastic Population ”The Only Way Is Up”

Mar 1993(when we bought our first home together) – Shaggy “O Carolina”

Apr 1994 (when we got engaged) – Take That “Everything Changes”

Sept 1995 (when we got married) – Blur “Country House”

Dec 1997(birth of Boy Child) – Various Artists “Perfect Day”

Feb 2000 (birth of Girl Child) – Gabrielle “Rise”


And the song that was number one when I was born? – Mungo Jerry “In The Summertime”

Now that I’ve got you thinking, go and compile your own soundtrack. You may find some surprises in there that you’d forgotten about.

4 responses to “The Soundtrack to My Life vol. 1

  1. I think mine was Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, or at least it feels like it 😉


  2. Great post! *notes down idea for a future post of my own*


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