What makes you smile?

One of my favourite books as a child was “Pollyanna” by Eleanor H Porter. I read it and read it. Lord knows how many times I borrowed it from the local library. If you’ve never read it or been fortunate enough to see the film version starring Hayley Mills, I can thoroughly recommend it, if for nothing else other than to introduce you to “the Glad Game”.

This fast paced, demanding, technology filled world we all live in is, at times, overwhelming. There is enormous pressure on us to strive for happiness at any cost. It’s not always money and material things though that bring us moments of genuine happiness. Sometimes it is the small insignificant things that make us smile.

Yesterday, after a long and at times emotional week, I was reminded of “the Glad Game” when I found myself smiling at the fact it was a beautiful sunny spring morning.

The rules of “the Glad Game” are simple – “find something about everything to be glad about.”

Here’s how I got on as yesterday unfolded.

I was glad because:-

  1. It was a beautiful sunny day Its no secret to those who know me that I love the sun.
  2. I started the day with a perfectly chilled glass of orange juice. I need OJ to kick start every morning before coffee.
  3. I could enjoy a long hot leisurely shower using my favourite frangipani shower gel. I love the smell of that shower gel!
  4. I went for a walk in the sun, iPod blasting my favourite tracks into my ears and armed with my camera to capture some of the beauty of Spring. I got some great photos too.
  5. When I returned home I enjoyed a strong black coffee in my favourite mug (yes – the Myles Kennedy one) and a hot buttered toasted cinnamon and raisin bagel. Delicious- just have to ensure that Frankenstein, the cat, is out of butter licking reach!
  6. I could listen to some music on vinyl while tackling the weekly ironing mountain
  7. In a “naughty” moment, I treated myself to some new vinyl. Thank you Amazon and I’ll be equally glad when it arrives.
  8. The first MotoGP race of the season was fantastic and our snail speed broadband coped with streaming the race via BT Sport. Result!
  9. I got to enjoy an episode of “Sons of Anarchy” with boy child, girl child and a glass of wine. (Still not sure I should be watching that series with my children….)
  10. At the end of the day there were clean fresh bedcovers on the bed.

Nothing fancy. Nothing expensive (well perhaps the new vinyl was a bit). Everything made me smile.” Glad” for what I have and what I enjoyed throughout the day.

Try playing “the Glad Game” for yourself and see how easy it is to bring a smile to your day.

3 responses to “What makes you smile?

  1. Oho, more strange similarities…I loved that book too. I may still have a copy at my mum’s. It’s good to stop and be thankful for the small things. Off the top of my head, today I’m glad because my nervous lady pupil had an excellent driving lesson, I got some writing done this afternoon, and I’ve been able to get rid of the litter tray as Frodo cat is now pooping outside! 😉


  2. The little things that make us smile. X


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