Oh Decisions, Decisions……

It’s rapidly approaching that time again when I am faced with an all important decision. This happens roughly every two years and creates a dilemma that rages on for weeks. If I make the wrong choice I have to live with it for the consequences….oh decisions, decisions!

So what is this great dilemma?

It’s time to upgrade my mobile phone.

Yes, I know I don’t have to choose a new model and could quite easily live with the one I have…or could I?

I’m convinced that t mobile phone manufacturers and  phone companies are in cahoots. Mysteriously, after functioning perfectly for 23 months, my phone has  begun to play up. Simple things like part of the touch screen no longer responding, the battery life halving almost overnight and other similar annoying little niggles. All minor faults that when grouped together become serious enough to tempt the user to start shopping around for a new “toy”.

For me a mobile phone has to have two things – a first rate camera and an expandable memory. (Two years ago I opted to go for a fixed amount of memory- poor choice!)

Now I also require the device to come with a suitably large data bundle to allow easy access to social media sites, email, the news, the weather, Google ….I could go on and on but I’m sure you get the picture.

The one feature that holds no interest to me is games. As a reformed Candy Crush addict I no longer play games on my phone.

However the feature of least importance is the device’s ability to actually make phone calls.

Why do we even still call these hand held pc’s phones?

At the risk of sounding “old”, it doesn’t seem so long ago that very few people carried mobile phones and even then these large bulky handsets could only call, text and play Snake. It also doesn’t seem too far back when the phone was something that sat on a table in the hall or the living room and the handset was attached to the body with a short curly wire. None of this push button nonsense either – you actually had to “dial” the number by putting your finger in the appropriate hole and spinning the dial round. You also had to know the number you wanted to dial – none of this “contacts/people” stuff.

The first cordless phone in our house was a luxury – but one that came with a new household rule – “The handset must always be replaced on the base unit as soon as you’ve finished your call.”  (I’m sure this was brought into force after my dad left the handset in the greenhouse or some such place!) The end result was that you ended up making your call standing beside the base unit so there was no real “cordless” benefit after all!

Stepping even further back in time for a moment. I remember around 1976/77 we took delivery of a new slimline trendy “Trim” phone with a very distinctive ring. The novelty of this quickly wore off when the family budgie, Freddie, began to impersonate the “ring” causing great confusion and many needless mad dashes into the hall to answer the silent phone. That phone was soon returned to BT.

And phone boxes- when did anyone last use one? I don’t even know that Boy Child or Girl Child would know where to start with a pay phone. Gone are the days of the emergency reverse charge call home when you had lost (or spent) your bus fare.

Ah happy memories of days gone by when phones were actually just used for talking to each other.

So, back to my current dilemma – to upgrade or not upgrade? That is the question.



A 1970’s Trim phone

(credits to the owner)


One response to “Oh Decisions, Decisions……

  1. I sympathise; I used to be a bit like that. However, I’m now a self-confessed Apple addict, so it’ll be the iPhone 6 for me soon… 😉


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