One Tiny Little Word That I Find Almost Impossible To Articulate……

It’s no secret that I love words- books, poems, song lyrics and all quirky sayings including  feel good mottos.

However I often wonder why we find some words harder to say than other. I’m not just meaning the pronunciation of some but to actually allow them to pass your lips.

Yes, it’s funny to see folk struggle with some words. As a child I could never get my tongue around “linoleum” or “abominable” (even now I take a deep breath before tackling them.) Girl Child tied herself in knots for long enough trying to say “ambulance” and more recently “superfluous”.

Then there’s the Big Green Gummi Bear’s pronunciation of “dinosore” rather than “dinosaur” that winds the rest of us into a frenzy.

Boy Child mutters and mumbles incoherently most of the time so the jury is still out on him……sorry son 😉

None of us are perfect and I’m pretty sure there are a few “tricky” words echoing round in your own minds right now.

The word that gives me the biggest difficulty is a small word. One that toddlers learn with ease and often use to stubborn excess but one that for me is always a challenge.

Too many times I’ve come out of meetings with a pile of actions to take forward all because I can’t articulate this one word.

On countless occasions through work, friends and family, I’ve been roped into organising things all because of my lifelong struggle with this word.

The kids have honed in on this failing, using it to their advantage and the advantage of their friends especially when it involves lift home  late at night that take me miles out of my way.

A while back I read a book, and subsequently watched the film, that may hold the key to the solution of this problem. One of the central characters is mute and has two words tattooed onto the palms of his hands. One of these could solve my problem! I may have to resort to ink here that is more permanent than a Sharpie marker.

My struggle with using this word has on numerous occasions left me stretched to breaking point, exhausted, over committed, inconvenienced, out of pocket and generally worn out.

Do I honestly regret being this inarticulate in respect of this small word?

Seldom. (I’d be lying if I said never)

The simple fact is that it’s not in my nature to use this word in most situations. I’m too obliging for my own good.

And the word in question? Have you guessed?

The word is “no”.

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