Pre Christmas Chaos – gotta love it!

Up to my eyes in lists, wrapping paper and general festive chaos. Why do we do this to ourselves every year?

On the plus side though, the house smells amazing as I’ve been burning my Christmas candles with zero complaint so far from the Big Green Gummi Bear! (He hates smelly candles)

Keeping things short and sweet this week – “complete blog post” was on the To Do list though so at least I can tick one thing off!

Here’s a short poem that I penned a few years back whilst in a similar state of pre-Christmas chaos.

Have a fabulous Christmas when it comes and thank you so much for all your support with my blog this year.

Festive Countdown

Turkey’s in the freezer

Wine’s in the rack

Veg is in the cupboard

And the cream’s in the fridge- almost forgot that!

Christmas is coming so fast

Presents in the wardrobe

Cards on the mantelshelf

Wreath’s on the door

The tree shines bright.

Christmas is coming way too fast!

Now where can I hide?……


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