The Annual Duvet Battle

The annual duvet battle has comenced!

We’ve had a few preliminary skirmishes where I begged and pleaded to be allowed to swap the thin lightweight summer duvet for the thick fluffy one. Each time I was brow beaten back under the summer covers.

A more subtle approach was required as the nights grew longer and darker.

The pink stripy fleecy blanket that is usually folded neatly along the bottom of the bed, was duly spread out across the bed. The majority of it was spread over my side of the bed, I may add.

Slowly, over a period of time, it became evenly spread across the entire bed. Hmm I wonder why? Could the Big Green Gummi Bear be feeling the winter chill creeping in?

A cold snap around Christmas saw me add a second fleecy blanket on top of the pink stripy one. Again, primarily at my side of the bed.

I was nice and cosy – result! J


Gradually, over a few nights, the second blanket too found its way over to the Big Green Gummi Bear’s side.

All the evidence I needed!

If it was cold enough for a summer duvet and two layers of blanket then I could justify the winter duvet without challenge! I was feeling confident about winning the duvet battle.

Last weekend I swapped the thin summer duvet for its thick, fluffy, warm, cuddly cousin – the winter duvet! Welcome back, old friend!

So for the past two nights what has happened? NO! Nothing like that!

For the past two nights the Big Green Gummi Bear has pulled most of the duvet off me because he was too hot! Go figure!

Me- I surrender!

I’m buying a onsie and putting the summer duvet and the two blankets back on the bed at the weekend. At least then I’ve a one in three chance of a share of some of the bedcovers!

One response to “The Annual Duvet Battle

  1. Ha! My hubby is very similar, except our battle is whether to have the window open or not! 😉

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