How Did We Survive Before Smartphones?

That was the question I was pondering last week as I finished an online chat with my young cousin in the USA.

Lying in front of me on the table was this small rectangular glass fronted device that we all take for granted (well the vast majority of us). If someone took it away from me, could I survive? Of course! But it’s not an experiment that I’m in a hurry to try.

Mobile phones have slotted very slickly into our hands, our pockets, our bags and our lives in general in an incredibly short space of time.

How did we confirm information pre-Google and Bing?

When you were watching TV or a movie and couldn’t remember where you’d seen the actor or actress before, what did you do?

Who would have thought that there would be a palm-sized gadget that could grant access to all the information in the world that would be owned by millions of us around the globe for a relatively low cost?

I often wonder what my late Wee Gran would’ve made of it all!

My phone is never far from my side but what do I actually do with it?

Primarily mine is used as a photo gallery and a link to social media. My open window to friends and family.

At the last count there were 9954 photos lurking on the expanded memory of it.

My front screen pretty much sums me up – Amazon music, Spotify, the Weather Channel, BBC news, What’s App, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, mail, my gallery and my people. Screen two is pretty much the same.

At the touch of the screen I can chat with friends at home and abroad via several instant message apps. I can post photos to the current most popular social media sites. I can read the world news. I can read any of the books from my Kindle. I can listen to most of the music that’s stored on my iPod. I can browse family photos.

When you stop to think, we really do rely on these small devices for a ridiculous amount of things.

They can track your fitness regime (if you have one). We use them to shop online for everything and anything. We can access our bank accounts. We can book tickets to music and sporting events.

IT’s a sign of the times when you’re at a rock show and, when the band on stage are about to play a slower number or a ballad, the front man now asks the crowd to hold their phones in the air instead of their lighters. And, yes, I have both the lighter flame and the candle flame apps installed on my device for precisely these moments – sad but undeniably true.

No night out is complete without mobile phone “selfies” in varying degrees of fuzziness depending on associated alcohol levels. Said photos are then immediately uploaded to Facebook etc and have been viewed by friends around the world before you can smile and say “cheese”!

I wonder, when he lodged the patent drawing for the telephone on 7 March 1876, if Alexander Graham Bell realised just what he had invented and, three days later when he made his first “bi-directional” phone call, what an avalanche of communication he had triggered. And, yes, I did use Google on my phone to confirm those dates/facts.

See what I mean!

phone blog collage

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