To Ink Or Not To Ink……

A very personal choice indeed!

My social media newsfeeds have been filled today with commentary and photos of a certain rock star’s new tattoo. Lots of folk loving it; lots of folk more critical.

The fresh ink in question is without doubt a bold statement – and it must’ve hurt like hell!

Love it or loathe it – it was their personal choice. It’s their body!

The word tattoo came into common usage in the late 18th Century thanks to Capt James Cook’s adventures in the southern hemisphere and originates from the Polynesian word “tatau” meaning “correct, workman like”. Apt for this particular rock star who is one of the hardest working perfectionists around.

There is little doubt that there is a current trend for tattoos. According to a newspaper survey at least 20% of Britain’s adults have now been inked at least once.

Personally speaking I am ink-free but that does not mean that I don’t approve of tattoos. In fact there are many that I admire, including the rock star’s latest addition.

It’s entirely my choice not to get one at this point in time. Just as it is anyone’s choice to get one. Neither is right or wrong. It’s what’s right for the individual at the time.

People get tattoos for a variety of reasons, not just to paint pretty pictures on their skin. It’s not uncommon for people suffering from medical conditions such as diabetes to have a medical alert tattoo. Or, sadly, for an Alzheimer’s sufferer to have their own name tattooed somewhere visible. I’ve heard of one retired healthcare worker having a large broken heart tattooed on their chest with DNR inked below it.

Like most of us, I have friends and family with various and numerous tattoos. Regardless of size, colour, quality or content each of these means something very personal to them as individuals. So who are we to criticise their choices?

I guess what ultimately stops me from getting one is the fact that it is so permanent (that and the fact the Big Green Gummi Bear would be filing for divorce before the ink was dry!). Just because I love the design today, does that mean I will still love it in five, ten, fifteen years’ time? Maybe. Maybe not. A risk I’m not prepared to take.

Yes, you can get them removed via laser but that’s not without it’s own agony and scarring. Not for me. I’m a coward when it comes to pain!

I’ve often admired henna tattoos that have been offered on summer holidays as a temporary addition but “bloused out” getting that done after reading about people suffering an allergic reaction to the henna dye mix and ending up with serious burns. No thanks.

Perhaps I should take a leaf out of Girl Child’s book and use a biro pen. Many times she has arrived home with various beautifully drawn designs on her hands and arms, plus notes of her homework when she’s forgotten her homework diary!

If there was a fool proof way to have a temporary tattoo applied that was guaranteed to fade away completely in say three to six months then I could be tempted without a whole lot of persuasion ( And I’m not meaning the temporary transfers that you apply with a damp cloth that wear off the first time you shower)

And what would I choose to have added on a temporary basis? If I was getting it done right now, a small blue butterfly and a certain small Celtic dragon that’s very special to me.

Never say never.

Whether you love or loathe that certain rock star’s new additions, I personally hope he loves them. My guess is that he does but that he too thought long and hard before allowing the artist’s ink anywhere near his skin.

blog tattoo collage blog collage 3 blog collage 2

 credit to the owners of all images used

One response to “To Ink Or Not To Ink……

  1. Great post, I love tattoos, but I don’t judge people for not having any. However, when people tell me what a ‘mistake’ I have done to my body.. that annoys me! My tattoos have many meanings, and some quite personal to me. It’s nice to read an opinion of an un-tattooed person who has a nice attitude to them! Thank you!

    SM 🙂

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