What The Hell Is That?

Ok, I need your help here guys.

Last weekend, Girl Child and I set off on a leisurely meander to the local garden centre. (Being a teenager she doesn’t go for a walk. She endures the fact she has to be out in bright sunlight for more than a split second, bemoaning the fact that she is burning and has been forced into motion – slow motion!) As is my usual want, I had taken my camera with me. Well there has to be something along that stretch of road that has escaped my attention up until now!

We were half way back when I spotted it! Considering how short sighted I am, I’m a little bit pleased to have spotted it. However, compared to other examples I’ve seen locally in the past, this was a giant. It really was kind of hard to miss!

Girl Child paused- any excuse to stop walking- then declared her disgust at it and kept walking.

I stood for a moment, fascinated as I watched it feast on the vegetation. I swear, you could almost hear it crunching!

So what was it?

It was this.

tagged 1f

Possibly the largest caterpillar I’ve seen in Scotland! It wasn’t the bonniest one I’ve ever seen, that’s for sure. It had to be almost ten centimetres in length and about a centimetre and a half maybe in diameter. He/she looked to be a prime specimen.

But a prime specimen of what?

That’s where I need your help.

Does anyone out there know what this critter will transform into?

I’m guessing, this late in the year, it is destined to be some kind of moth. It seems too late for it to be transforming into a butterfly.

I searched Google but to no avail. I have now seen more caterpillar photos than I can stomach but I’m still curious to discover what the true identity of this critter is.

So HELP! Any ideas what this fine specimen of a very hungry caterpillar will become?

2 responses to “What The Hell Is That?

  1. I think its an Elephant Tiger Moth…quiet beautiful really…we found one last year and kept him under the hydrangea all winter …grandson called him Clifford

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