Pigeon Fancying In The Sun

Having headed off to Glasgow last Sunday morning to meet up with some special friends, I found myself with half an hour to spare before their train arrived into Queen St station.

So far it had been a pretty surreal morning. There had been a huge mix up between trains at Gourock station resulting in all the passengers doing three laps of the station and involving three trains. Bear in mind it’s a small station with only three platforms and one train an hour on a Sunday! The journey had progressed quite calmly and peacefully after that until the train was pulling into Glasgow’s Central Station and I noticed that the woman sitting across the aisle from me had donned a full Batman hood. “Ok, this is a bit weird,” I thought then noticed the teenage boy sitting opposite her was in full Batman costume. I assumed my caffeine levels were too low and chose to disregard them. On my way from the train, down the platform and across the concourse I passed The Penguin, three Jokers and a Klingon! A swift text home to Girl Child revealed the answer – Comic Con!

Whew! I wasn’t losing the plot after all!

A few minutes later I found myself basking in the sun in George Square, camera in hand. (Wish I’d had it handy as I’d walked through the station!)

Now those of you who are friends with me on Facebook and those of you who follow me on here may recall that I have a tendency to photograph seagulls. I can’t recall how it all began but it did involve a very bizarre conversation about how long they live.

Anyway, there was a distinct lack of seagull subject matter in George Square.

There were however plenty of their grey “cousins” hanging about. Yes, you’ve guessed it – pigeons! (For the record – pigeons in the wild live 5-6 years and 8-15 years in captivity)

They proved to be very obliging models as you can see and provided me with a few moments, alone and anonymous in the city with my camera, before I headed off to meet my friends for a fabulous day filled with coffee, good food, wine and  a lot of fun and laughter. All good for the soul.

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One response to “Pigeon Fancying In The Sun

  1. Great pics! I quite like pigeons, although seagulls are one of my favourite birds to watch, too. And crows, jackdaws – any corvids. 🙂

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