New Year, New Ideas, New Beginnings

new begnings collage


New Year. New beginnings. New ideas. Yes, yes and yes!

Resolutions? No chance! Never been big on making resolutions.                                                 

Sitting here during my lunch break in the salt mine, I’m looking out at a very grey, damp, cold, bleak January day. It’s slate grey out there today.  

However, it’s a new year and, creatively, it’s a blank slate.  

So, while my heart is already longing for some sun and long, warm light summer evenings, my mind is off on its own adventure.

 Book Baby 2 has been monopolising most of my creative time for the last few months as I mould it and edit it, with the invaluable support of my “infamous five”.  (Seriously, I couldn’t do it without you guys) It’s almost but not quite there… and it’s still naked as I wrestle with various ideas for its cover. I know, I’ve mentioned it before, but, as I move into the final preparation stage, the last weeks before delivery, it’s omnipresent in my mind! 

Who’d have thought even this time last year that I’d be Book Baby Mummy to one never mind two Book Babies? Eek!          

The characters for Book Baby 3 – yes, it is already a work in progress although at the VERY early stages – have been emerging in my mind. Some of them I’m having to tease into life. Others are leaping up and down, pleading to tell their story. One small group are pleading to be allowed their own tale. Maybe-if they behave! 

It’s all new and exciting…well it’s exciting to me… but they’ll all have to wait their turn! 

I did start to write a small snatch of flash fiction to accompany this post thereby allowing one of the newcomers to leap off the page but I halted it without an ending. Taylor (or Tailz as he prefers) will have to bide his time for now. He does put in a brief appearance in Book Baby 2.He’ll have to be content with that for now 😉 

Finding names for these new “people” is always a challenge. As I mould their personality in my head (usually in the wee small hours when I should be sleeping) I try to select a name that matches their character traits. Occasionally a name comes along and you just know that you have to find somewhere to use it! One such name emerged as I began the initial draft of Book Baby 3. I’ll keep the name under wraps for now as the story isn’t complete and I don’t want to jinx it. (Yes, I’m a bit superstitious that way) but he’s screaming to be let out onto the pages. He’s turning into quite a demanding creature!

 So instead of being blank, my 2016 “slate” is gradually filling up with scribbles, metaphorically speaking. In truth, it’s a growing pile of Post Its and scribbled notes stuffed into my current notebook! (I’d be lost without Post Its!)

 One of my Christmas gifts was a pair of earrings. They are an un-matching pair. One says “Live the life you love” and the other says “Love the life you live.” 

For now, I’m trying to achieve the best in both worlds – my real world and my creative world!  

And do you know something, I’m looking forward to 2016!  

Happy New Year! May this be the year all your hopes and dreams come true and may we all Live The Live You Love and Love The Life You Live!

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