Lack of Blog Apologies…or is it excuses?

OK so I’ve got to Friday night and still no “proper” blog post prepared.

So before guilt and panic set in about not posting something this week, I’ll offer up my humble apologies and promise that “normal service” will resume next week.

If you follow my ramblings on a regular basis, you will know that the “birth” of Book Baby 2 is fast approaching.

I’m not quite ready to reveal the exact “due date” but it’s sooner than some of you may think. 😉

I haven’t been procrastinating with regards to creative activity. Honestly!!!

I have for the last couple of weeks been trying to master the “dark arts” of Photoshop thanks to copious amounts of support from my “fairy godmother”  (Yes, this has involved magic wands!)

For me the biggest challenge of self-publishing via Amazon’s Kindle and Createspace options is the creation of the cover. Hence the need for Photoshop black magic.

Photoshop and I have a VERY shaky relationship at the best of times but thanks to the endless patience of my “fairy godmother” Book Baby 2 will not be coming into the world totally naked!

So, on that note, I’ll bid you farewell for now and return to practising the “dark arts”.

Here’s a wee tiny peek at things yet to be revealed.

BB2 teaser




2 responses to “Lack of Blog Apologies…or is it excuses?

  1. Ooh, I think I see a man with his shirt open…I like this cover already! 😂😘😜

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  2. I’m pretty sure you’ll love it, Karen 😉

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