Imminent Arrivals… the jitters set in!




Life over the past week has been a tad on the busy side – work, birthdays, school exams, stressed teenagers…you get the picture.

 Looming large on the horizon is also the anticipated arrival of Book Baby 2 aka Impossible Depths.

I’ve used the pregnancy analogy throughout the “gestation” of Book Baby 1 and 2 so why change the train of thought now? (I’m holding onto any and all trains of thought I can right now!)

Book Baby 2’s arrival is imminent. (Still not revealing the actual due date)

Safe to say, it’s fully formed and, if this was a real pregnancy, I’d say the head is engaged and I’m experiencing runs of Braxton Hicks. There’s an underlying air of excited expectation growing…..and panic! Am I ready for this?  EEKK!

In reality, I’m in the final throes of editing and proof reading and rapidly reaching the stage of second-guessing myself.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day this week!

Deep breaths…stay calm….

My final “scan”…sorry, paperback proof…arrived last week. It’s currently sporting a plethora of post it markers as I make the final tweaks to the punctuation and amend the odd sentence here and there.  Yes, I’m becoming OCD about it!

The cover also threw up a bit of a resolution issue so it was back out with Photoshop, another cry for help to my “fairy godmother” who has been SO incredibly patient with me. I think I’ve found and resolved the issue. Can’t have a fuzzy Book Baby 2!

I revealed the actual cover on my Facebook author page last weekend ( haven’t seen my new baby yet?

OK, just for you…here it is! 


 Actual cover pic


 Like it? 

Keep your eyes peeled on here or on Facebook for news of new arrivals 😉

 PS. If you missed Book Baby 1 aka Stronger Within you can check it out on Amazon.

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