Second’s Out- Round Three!


Sooner than I’d expected something has begun….

The one thing I’m not very good at is relaxing and doing nothing. Unless I’m ill, I struggle to slob on the settee. I watch very little TV in general and usually only watch one or two programmes a week. (That will change slightly as the motor sport season is about to begin again! Vroom Vroom)

After I had finalised Book Baby 2, I was mentally and physically exhausted. There were a few late nights in the final run up as I tried to squeeze as many hours into a day as possible. I promised myself I’d take a break. Give myself time for the batteries to recharge. But how long would that take?

Less than three weeks would be the answer!

I tried to chill a bit. I promise I did but it never really happened.

Within a few days of finishing Book Baby 2, I had turned my creative attention back to a serialised short story I return to every few months and picked up its tale once more (Woo Hoo declared fans of The Imp) It was a good diversion from all things Silver Lake and it was nice to just write and not be 100% focussed on proofreading and editing.

As I sat at the laptop, I could hear a wee voice calling from the book file perched on the corner of the table. It was whispering then ultimately screaming “Read me!”

Yes, the partially written Book Baby 3 began to stir.

I tried to ignore its cries but I felt like a stressed out mother of a sleepless child trying to master the controlled crying technique. Like I had many years before with the real screaming baby, I failed miserably. (To explain, Boy Child was a terrible sleeper as a baby and toddler. I tried the controlled crying with him and failed abysmally. He never slept through the night until he was three years old. That’s a lot of broken sleep and involved huge vats of coffee!)

After a few days, I surrendered and lifted the screaming notebook from the box and began to read. I tried to pace myself and read slowly. I failed there too.

To be honest, before I had finished the first handwritten draft of Book Baby 2, I had written the opening scenes of the next and possibly final part in the Silver Lake series. That was in December 2013. I then parked it until I had finished the first draft of what became Impossible Depths and then got caught up with preparing Stronger Within for publication through the latter half of 2014.

It all seems a very long time ago in one sense and just like yesterday in another!

I lifted and laid the third part of the story throughout the latter part of 2014, all of 2015 and had in fact last touched on the 3 Jan this year.

Perhaps the tale was losing patience with me! Hence the screaming for attention. Maybe it was feeling unloved!

As I read over the story so far, I could feel my inner creative voice begin to twitch and respond to its cries.

And so it begins….slowly!

I intend to take my time writing this one (famous last words knowing me!) and I’ve already identified an element of re-writing required and small continuity gaps, probably caused by the stop-start approach taken to date.

As the lighter evenings lie before me, I can see this story unfolding. It’s pace may be weather dependant! My favourite time and place to write is in the early evening sun, sitting on my doorstep with my iPod on. If we have a good summer, we may see Book Baby 3 emerge into the light sooner than if it pours with rain for weeks.

There’s no written plan or outline. No paragraph plans. I have a few key scenes in mind still to work into the tale and I have a vision of where it will end and that’s as structured as it gets for now.

So to return to the, probably by now over-used, pregnancy analogy, I’m in the first trimester again. A bit of me is feeling sick to the pit of my stomach with fear about starting this merry-go-round again so soon but another bit is bursting with excitement to let the tale out. It’s too early to say whether this will span to one book or two- who knows it may be twins! I’ll reserve judgement until I have the end in sight. I’m still promoting my original Book Baby, Stronger Within, and it’s younger sibling Book Baby 2, Impossible Depths, and am encouraged by the love the world is showing them both.

To answer a question that I’ve been asked repeatedly over the last week or two – I don’t know when Book Baby 3 will be out. Sometime in 2017 for definite but whether that’s April or November remains to be seen.

Will it be the end of the road for all things Silver Lake – who knows! I’ll see where my characters lead me.

Do I have visions of some Book Baby “cousins” that would see me expand on some of the characters? – most definitely yes!

All I need now is a long hot summer!


(credits to the owner of the photo.)

For your info – just in case you’ve missed them! – here’s the links to Book Babies 1 and 2.


2 responses to “Second’s Out- Round Three!

  1. This is such a fab post! I love the idea of a book baby! I pushed one out last year but it was dire so I let the bin adopt it. I am in the process of pushing out another!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. thanks. They really are a labour of love!


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