Planning….Staycation 2016

2016 Staycation collage

It’s reached that time of year again. It’s the eve of the start of my two week break from the salt mine.

Staycation 2016 starts tomorrow at 5pm!

In the run up to this long anticipated annual event, I invariably go into a “To Do List” frenzy. (I’m bad enough on a good day but it’s worse at Staycation time and all I would say is “run for cover” if I’m actually going on Vacation!…trust me on that!)

I’ve written before on here explaining that, without a ready supply of Post It notes, I’m lost! Seriously, I can’t fully function in either the work environment or my real/creative world without them.

When disaster struck in both worlds this week, I could’ve cried. Mid-list making, I ran out of Post Its! AGHHHH!!!!

The first part of the disaster struck early on Monday morning as I went to jot down a little aide memoir. No Post Its! Taking a deep breath, I reasoned with myself and calmly added Post Its to my weekly shopping list. Surely I could survive until Saturday without them?

I got to work a couple of hours later and, after my essential Starbucks kick start, began to plan ahead for the two weeks that I will be out of the office. Mid-morning, I reached for my trusty Post It pad to write two notes…AGHHH!  There was only ONE left! Cue second OCD panic of the day and it wasn’t even 10.30am!

I gave myself a stern talking to and went to the drawer where we keep the stationery….No Post Its!!! Still trying to maintain a calm demeanour and at least attempt to look like a sane fully functioning adult, I scurried to my own locker/drawer. In it lurks a plastic bag of odds and ends that used to fill the top drawer of my previous desk. (I never did get around to clearing it out and had just dumped the contents into a bag) Whew! Right at the bottom of the bag I found a small square of sticky note salvation.

Normal business activities resumed.

That evening, I was working on Book Baby 3 and plotting out the remaining key scenes to be written (I’m not the most structured at planning before I start to write so Post Its form an essential part of the process)

EEK! No Post Its to jot down the key pieces of information. I soldiered on….twitching slightly.

Straight after work on Tuesday, I headed to the supermarket and arrived home triumphantly clutching a nice new pad of pink sticky notes! Happy girl!  Lord, I’m easy pleased.

So, since Tuesday, Staycation 2016 planning has been forging ahead.

The primary aim of the coming two weeks is to finally finish the first handwritten draft of Book Baby 3. I’ll be honest, much as I love my book baby, parts of this one have been a challenge. It’s been a bit of a slog but, following a few major changes, I’ve made good progress lately. Hopefully, two weeks will be enough to get it successfully to the end. (Crosses fingers and offer up a silent prayer to Ixchel, the Mayan goddess of creativity.)

Several Post Its have been used to note down various appointments that I’ve slotted into my Staycation schedule, including a caffeine fuelled catch up with an old school friend.

A sense of equilibrium has been restored and I can now look forward to a creative Staycation 2016…unless of course the Great Lord Camelot shines down on me on Saturday night, meaning I can actually make plans to go away for a few days in the sun.

Post It note required—-“buy lottery ticket”

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