You’ve Got Sixty Minutes…..clock’s ticking…

The challenge- you get offered the opportunity to host your own sixty  minute radio show to play ten of your favourite tunes, songs that reflect you musical tastes and who you are.

Sound easy?

In theory it is. If like me you listen to music  on a daily basis then you may already have several playlists set up on your iPod. In reality, its much harder.

Try it…go on…pick just ten songs.

Personally, my favourites can very depending on my mood so choosing a mere ten tracks from the thousands in my music library is far from easy.

So, trying not to over think this, if I was  to host said show today this,  in no particular order, would be the playlist –

1- Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns n Roses

2 – Ghost by Massive

3-Ghosts Of Days Gone By by Alter Bridge

4- The Rambler by Black Stone Cherry

5- Where I’ve Been by Rival Sons

6- I’m Not An Angel- Halestorm

7- Simple Man by Shinedown

8- La Mano De Lucifer – Crobot

9- God & Satan by Biffy Clyro

10- Eden – The Mayfield Four

Ask me again tomorrow and the selection could look completely different!

videos sourced via You Tube

credits to the owners

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