Vivid Nightmare (flash fiction)


Music and sunlight fill the world. A gentle breeze wafts by. The taste of salt in the air. Warmth.

Then there’s silence as the song comes to an end….

The music’s temporarily replaced by the growl of an engine. The throaty grumble of an exhaust.

Sunlight glints off the chrome surround of the vehicle’s headlight.

As the next song begins….BANG!

Instant agony. Pain burning like fire. The feeling of flying through the air out of control. The bone crunching thud of hitting the ground. Screams. Mine? Engine roar. A screech. A crushing weight from above then nothing….. no noise; no music; only deafening silence and darkness.


Time moves on….


Dull fuzzy sounds. Distant noises. Muffled voices hovering around. A clinical smell. Telephones ringing far away. Numbness. A feeling of choking. Gagging on something. Panic! More voices.

A small stab of pain……the darkness returns.


Time moves on….


The darkness begins to recede. Shadows flicker through the grey haze. Silence. No voices. No telephones ringing. A stillness. An air of calm. Night?

A sense there’s someone there. Someone close by.  A familiar scent in the air. A long, sad sigh at my side.

A hand over mine. It’s firm. It’s warm. The stroke of a thumb. Slow, gentle, movements. Fumbling fingers straighten my signet ring then spin the rings on my thumb. Is someone reading the inscriptions on them?

Bleep….bleep….bleep…bleep…….it continues…..on and on and on…


The alarm clock! The nightmare ends once more.


(image sourced from Google – credits to the owner)

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