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Continue The Story.. The Society For The Protection Of Unwanted Objects.

Taking a deep breath, she put the old-fashioned key in the lock and turned it. She’d half expected it to stick, given the age of both, but the mechanism moved with ease and the of the shop door swung open before her.

What on earth was she supposed to do with the place?

The shop smelled stale and musty and slightly unclean – a bit like its previous owner, her late great-uncle. It had been over twenty years since she had last visited “The Society For The Protection Of Unwanted Objects.”  She’d been shocked to learn that she had inherited the place when her uncle had passed away three months beforehand. Growing up, she’d been passed around the family after the death of her parents, spending most of her childhood with her aunt. The shop had always been a bit of a sanctuary for her, seeing herself as the “unwanted object” in the family. As a child, she’d imagined the shop as a “real life” episode of Bagpuss; as an adult, she was at a loss as to what to make of it.

What did she know about running a shop?

Glancing round, all she could see before her was clutter and junk. A thick layer of dust covered everything in sight. Most of the items on the shelves and in the display cabinets looked as though they’d been there since her last visit.

Leaving the door open, she ventured further inside. A letter addressed to her, in her uncle’s shaking writing, lay amongst the dust bunnies on the glass counter. Leaving it unopened for now, she explored the rest of the shop. Both storerooms were piled high with yet more junk. The small kitchen cum sitting room right at the back of the building looked completely unchanged from her childhood and was desperately in need of a good clean.

“Oh, why, Uncle Samuel?” she sighed as she walked back through to the main shop.

A cough from the doorway startled her.

“Hi. Are you the new owner?” asked a tall guy with long dark hair, pulled back into a ponytail, his bare arms covered in tattoos. “I’m Sam. I’m your neighbour. I own the art gallery next door.”

A ray of sunlight broke through the clouds at that moment. With a cloud of dust motes creating an aura around him, he smiled.

Maybe he was the reason she was here….

Continue The Story – A 2021 Tale of Suspense

With her head spinning, she opened the box and poured the contents out onto the countertop. Lifting the instruction leaflet, she skimmed through it, carefully assembling the paraphernalia she needed from the scattered contents of the flat box.

Leaving the leaflet open at the step-by-step guide page, she opened the packet containing the testing tile. Next, she settled the plastic test tube/dropper into the round hole in the corner of the cardboard tray and peeled off the foil seal. Muttering, she wrestled with the small plastic bag designed for the rubbish until she got it open. Lastly, she opened the packet containing the small slender swab.

How hard could this be?               

Dreading the thought of how it would feel, she gingerly inserted the swab into her right nostril, guiding it in as far as it would go. As instructed, she swirled it around for a slow count of five then, her stomach heaving, she inserted it up her left nostril and repeated the count. Twitching her nose like Samantha from Bewitched, she put the slender swab into the test tube.

Her hands were clammy and trembling as she stirred it round and counted slowly to thirty then to five as she “squeezed” it out in the tube. Having discarded the swab in the small plastic bag, she pushed the stopper into place, eased the test tube out of the cardboard hole then dripped four drops into the sample section of the tile.

Offering up a silent prayer, she watched and waited….

Slowly the liquid soaked up through the tile. The timer on her phone clicked down second by painfully slow second.

Before her, the result emerged…

Continue The Story – Mariposa

She had never seen anything like it. She had only ever dreamed of seeing one. Now, there it was, just a few feet away from her.

It was beautiful! More beautiful than she could ever have imagined.

It was also bigger, much bigger, than she had anticipated. Its wingspan was wider than her handspan.

Oh, she could watch it all day!

Reaching for her camera, she took photo after photo of the beautiful creature before her.

Almost as if it knew it was being photographed, it slowly folded its majestic wings so that she could enjoy the view of the detailed pattern on the underside. It was almost as pretty underneath as it was with its wings spread wide.

She knew the others were already trekking on ahead and that she’d need to hurry to catch up, but she needed a few more moments with this precious creature.

They’d been trekking through the forest all day and were due back at their hotel in under an hour. This was the first one of its kind that she’d seen. It might be the only one she’d ever see.

She heard footsteps and looked up to see the tour guide, Miguel, approaching.

“Ah, hermoso,” he sighed as he stood beside her and followed her gaze. “Mariposa.”

“It’s a boy?” she quizzed.

Miguel nodded, “Only the males are so blue. And its not really blue. Is a trick of the light… it reflects.”

He paused, struggling for the English words to use. She nodded and smiled.

With a graceful movement, the blue morpho butterfly flitted away.

She gazed wistfully at the leaf where it had been.

(images sourced via Google- credits to the owner)

Continue The Story – Fact Or Fiction? (flash fiction)

She spotted him from across the bookstore. He was hard to miss with those mesmerising eyes, the smile that could melt even the coldest heart and his hair still tied back in a long dark ponytail now streaked with grey. He was also the last person she had expected to see here. Her heart skipped a beat. Did he know? Had he read any of the books?

“Are you ok?” asked the fan in front of her, who was waiting for her to sign their book for them.

“Sorry,” she apologised. “My bad. Just spotted an old friend.”

“You looked like you’d seen a ghost.”

Smiling, she said, “Something like that.”

With a flourish, she signed the book and handed it back.

Two hours and many autographs later, the book signing was drawing to a close. It had been her most successful yet. She was exhausted and her hand was throbbing from writing so many dedications and signing her name. In her heart, she knew she shouldn’t grumble. Her fans were loving her books and she was living her dream as a result. This latest novel was the penultimate one in the series, and she’d been plagued with questions all night about how it was all going to end. Was the heroine going to get her man?

“Hi. Can you sign this to Luke please?”

The voice hadn’t changed over the years. Her heart melted a little at the sound of it.

“Or should that be “To Storm”?”

She froze. Storm was the hotter than hell bad boy rockstar in the books.

“You know?” she whispered, feeling her cheeks flush as she looked up into his eyes.

“I’m flattered,” he admitted, flashing her a smile. “Would it be too presumptuous to offer to take you for a drink when you’re done here? We could discuss where this storyline goes next.”

“And if I say yes, is it going to ended happily ever after?”

“That remains to be seen,” he replied with a wink.

Continue the Story – Beach Daydreams (flash fiction)

With the sun beating down on her, she knew in her heart that she had made the right decision to come to the beach. Thoughts of walking along the sand, of playing in the waves, of watching the seabirds dance in the shallows and the sights and sounds and aromas of the boardwalk had been beacons of hope during her darkest of days.

Now, as the sun rose on a beautifully clear June morning, the boardwalk ran behind her, the ocean sparkled and shimmered before her, and miles and miles of soft sand stretched into the distance on either side of her. It was still early, barely breakfast time, but around her the world was slowly coming to life. There were a few fishermen scattered along the shoreline, their rods dug deep into the sand. A few photographers were at work, capturing the beauty of the new day to share on social media. Those sunrise livestreams had brightened many a dark day.

Everything around her was just as she had hoped it would be and more.

As she gazed down the beach, she watched an early morning fitness junkie approach, pounding out the miles on the hard packed sand.

She felt as though she had stepped into the pages of one of her own novels; she felt as though she’d come home.

A relaxed smile playing on her lips, she began to meander down the beach, allowing her daydreams to play out as reality around her. Dreams do come true……

credits to the owner of the sunrise photo – Kevin Lynam Photography (photo is tagged)

You can find more of Kevin’s work on his website https://www.kevinlynamphotography.com

Room 316 – adult flash fiction

Her heart skipped a beat as their hands touched. He smiled and took her hand in his, their fingers instinctively intertwining. The smile was one of those smiles that travelled from his mouth to his eyes and straight into her soul.

Without a word, he led her from the function suite, across the foyer, past some of their fellow guests, towards the elevators.

Two other couples joined them in the lift and, as the doors closed, he gave her hand a little squeeze.

They were the first to step out of the elevator on the third floor. Still hand in hand, they walked down the long corridor to her room – room 316, the heels of her stilettos sinking into the deep pile of the carpet.

Housekeeping had already been in and turned down the bed, leaving the bedside lamps lit. The soft light complimented their mood. She looked round the room, checking it was tidy, and smiled up at him when she saw the ice bucket with a bottle of champagne nestling inside and two crystal flutes sitting on the table in front of the window.

Filled with desire for her, he drew her towards him then delivered a tentative kiss to her lips. Hungrily, she returned his kiss, grazing his lower lip with her teeth. His tongue gently parted her lips, as it moved to explore the sweetness of her mouth. Kissing her deeply, his hand reached down over her derriere until he found the hem of her short black dress. Reaching under the soft material, his hand gently brushed her inner thigh then sought out her most intimate, sensitive area.

She could feel his erection pressing against her, his needs obvious. Fumbling with the fastening of his dress trousers, she sought to free him from the confines of the fabric. With his erection free, he lifted her off her feet. Nimbly, she wrapped her long, tanned legs around his waist. Kissing her hard, he lowered her down on his length, almost exploding as he slid into her.

“We’ve waited too long for this,” she purred softly.

One Twist Of Time To Change Everything…..

Holding the ornate, old-fashioned timepiece in her small trembling hand, she paused. Her fingers were on the tiny ribbed winder. One turn backwards and she could restore the life that once was; one turn forwards and she’d move beyond the current hell into a new unknown life.

“You need to make your choice,” a ghostly voice whispered in her mind.

Taking a deep breath, she turned the winder……..

(image sourced via Google – credits to the owner)

Sun’s Dying Light (150 word flash fiction)


It had been their last day together. The magic was failing. Silently,,they had walked along the deserted beach, savouring the sun’s warmth as it began to set. They reached their tree at the end of the beach beside the picnic area. Wistfully, she traced her finger over the initials he had carved in its bark after their first kiss. With his back to the tree, he drew her into his arms. The golden light of the setting sun shone through her gossamer wings. He bent to kiss her. Slowly and passionately their lips met for one final moment. He held her hands and gazed into her violet eyes, wishing the moment could last forever. She started to speak but he stopped her. Silence said it all. Beside them, the sun had almost reached the horizon. At the first touch, the spell broke. He stood there alone. She was gone.


(credits to the owner of the image- photo is tagged)

A Little Piece of Silver Lake for Christmas


Sitting at the kitchen table, Melody was very carefully writing her letter to Santa Claus. On the opposite side of the table, Lori was helping Jesse with his letter. At only three years old, the little boy couldn’t write yet so Lori had helped him to cut out the pictures of the toys he wanted to ask Santa for from the flyer that had been in the Sunday newspaper. For once the little boy was content to sit still and use the glue stick to add his Christmas wishes to the sheet of paper. Lori had already written “Dear Santa” at the top of the page and “love from Jesse” at the bottom, warning her son that the pictures had to fit in between.

“Hey,” called Jake from the doorway. “What’s going on in here?”

“We’re writing our Santa letters,” replied Melody, holding hers up for her daddy to see.

“Very neat, Miss M,” praised Jake with a smile. Like her mother, the little girl was a perfectionist. “Do you want to go into town to mail them after lunch?”

“Yes!” shrieked both kids loudly.

“Ok,” said Jake. “We’ll walk into town later. There’s a special Santa mail box near the bandstand.”

“Mommy, will you come too?” pleaded Jesse as he glued the last picture to his letter.

“No,” said Lori, putting the lid back on the glue stick. “I need to do some work this afternoon.”

“Daddy, can we go get hot chocolate with marshmallows after we mail our letters?” pleaded Melody, gazing up at him with his big blue eyes.



It had snowed over the area the night before, blanketing the beach and surrounding area in three inches of soft powdery snow. As he walked along the beach, Jake watched the kids run on up ahead, smiling as they occasionally pelted each other with snowballs. Every few yards they would flop down into the snow and make sandy snow angels. He smiled, treasuring the precious moments with his family. Both kids were over excited; both of them counting down the sleeps until Santa came.

“This way, you two!” he called as they reached the path that led up to boardwalk near Funland.

Much to his surprise, they both came running towards him, slipping their tiny hands into his without being asked.

“What are you wanting Santa to bring you?” asked Melody as they reached the boardwalk.

“Oh, I don’t know,” replied Jake, stalling for time. “Some new running shoes. Maybe a new guitar.”

“You’ve got lots of guitars, Daddy!” stated Jesse bluntly.

“And you’ve got lots of trains but you still asked Santa for another one, didn’t you?” teased Jake.

“I think Mommy wants a new computer,” said Melody, changing the subject. “She was calling hers some bad words.”

With a laugh, Jake admitted that Lori had indeed called her laptop some choice names after it crashed and deleted two days’ worth of work.

As the family group walked along the snow-covered boardwalk, the kids dragging Jake over to explore each of the small Christmas houses that had sprung up. The red Santa mailbox stood on the boardwalk opposite the bandstand, suitably lit and signposted.

Carefully, Jake removed the letters from his jacket pocket and handed them to the kids. Pulling his cell out too, he took some quick photos of them mailing them off to Santa then suggested that they pose beside the town’s large Christmas tree for more photos.

“Ok, guys,” he began as he slipped the phone back into his pocket. “Who wants hot chocolate?”

“Me! Me! Me!”

(Credits to the owner of the photo Elliot MacGuire Photography- photo is tagged)

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100 Word Story? Is it possible?…..

As an indie-author one of the questions I get asked on a regular basis is “How do you do it?” My standard answer is “One word at a time.”

However, how many words do you need to tell a story? How many to add a bit of intrigue? How many to add a hint of romance?

I decided to set myself the challenge to write a 100 word story.

Anyone who has read my books will understand that limiting the word count is perhaps not my forte! Ha Ha.

However, I was strict with myself here and rose to the challenge.

So, in a 100 words here’s  Cat’s Eyes.


Cats’s Eyes

 The cat watched the car approach. Recognised his owner in the passenger seat. As he licked his fluffy paws, he watched as the car stopped at the end of the driveway.  Squinting into the early evening sun, the cat saw the driver reach over to kiss his owner. Pausing to wash his long tail, the cat continued to watch the long, slow, passionate embrace. The car’s window was open but all he could hear was music. As he licked his bits, the car door opened. His owner stepped out. With a wave, the car drove off. Cat and owner smiled.