And relax…… after a whirlwind few days


I swithered about posting a “blog” this week as, technically, I’ve posted twice already.

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind few days after the release of Book Baby 4 aka Ellen. I have been totally overwhelmed with the love and support that people have shown me. Sales have been ok. Already, Ellen has earned seven 5* reviews on and  two 5* reviews on GoodReads. There has been a great write up in the local newspaper. ( )  I’ve almost stopped blushing about that…almost!  There have been numerous lovely congratulatory messages, one of them very special indeed.  Thank you.

So, the ideal way to take stock and relax after all this? ….. well, it had to be a beach walk, didn’t it?

Normal blog service will resume next week….well, whatever passes for normal!


Huge thanks again to everyone who has bought a copy of Ellen. If haven’t and feel the urge, the Amazon links are below: link link




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