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A Brief Pause

comma nice

Well, the proof copy of Book Baby 5 aka Shattered Hearts has arrived!

Why is it, when you are happily writing your story that the humble comma slots in sweetly, doesn’t move, doesn’t give you attitude and appears almost innocent?

As its dictionary definition suggests, it is a mere “punctuation mark indicating a pause between parts of a sentence or separating items in a list ” but, the second it appears in print in a physical proof copy, it transforms into …..

comma evil

I swear these evil little critters have vanished or moved or hidden since I hit upload on that manuscript.

War has been declared!

Let battle – sorry proofreading – commence!

Evil Commas….

evil_comma_by_jearb3arI am sensing a conspiracy around here.

For the past few days, I’ve been proofreading and editing the physical copy of Book Baby 3 aka Bonded Souls. I’ve long since lost count of the number of times I’ve read through it and made corrections. To be honest, I’m growing sick of the sight of it!

I had hoped that this was just a final check over the proof copy and that I would then be able to set it up ready for it’s publication date.


There’s a comma conspiracy going on!

The evil little buggers are playing games with me. Mind games. They’re moving! They’re disappearing! They’re even doubling up! AGHHHHHHH!!!!!!

In short, they’re at it! (Bet that one is already twitching, desperate to relocate!)

These evil, but vital, punctuation marks have corrupted some of the text around them too. Words are jumping tense – needed morphed into needs. Dates decided to masquerade as days.

Even the spaces are joining in with this act of rebellion. Some of them are causing the words to cosy up together, while others are repelling the next line and inserting a gap as wide as the Grand Canyon instead of a single solitary space.

They are driving me mad!

All joking aside, this final proofreading exercise has brought home how important it is to check, check, check and then check your work over and over again. Every time I read through a chapter, I see something different to correct.

As a writer, you can become too close to the words you’ve slaved over for months on end, but, to date, seven other folk have read Book Baby 3 and not one of them has picked up on the numerous punctuation discrepancies. All seven of these beautiful souls are literate people so would spot these grammatical bloopers.(I hope!) The fact that they haven’t is further proof that the evil little critters are playing games with me!

Time to thwart these conspirators! More proofreading required.

Wish me luck!


Disclaimer….I will not be held responsible for the final positioning of punctuation marks within this blog post due to the current comma uprising!

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