What to do when the pause button gets pressed on the world….

If in doubt, head to the beach….. well, I self-isolate there on a regular basis anyway.

The sun was trying to shine. The seabirds were swooping and crying. The tide was out meaning Boy Child and I were able to avoid the coastal path for most of the way and stay down on the shoreline. Ok, I might have ended up with slightly wet feet but, for almost two hours ,was heavenly. No news updates to scaremonger. No fretting about the days to come. No stressing about whether the supermarket would have milk or bread or loo rolls next time I need to visit. It was simply a walk along the beach on a nice Spring day. with my son. To look at these pictures you’d never know there was anything wrong with the world.



(Yes, a rare picture of yours truly)

 I even managed to pick up some “treasures” to add to my collection.

Stay safe, folks.


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