Happy To Eat My Own Words…

I recently celebrated a “big birthday” as folk would say.

Personally, I felt it was the same size as the rest of them, lasted 24hrs and just happened to end in a 0.

For the curious among you, I turned 50.

I hadn’t given any thought as to what the Big Green Gummi Bear or Boy Child and Girl Child might have decided to do about a cake. In the run up to the occasion, I had said jokingly that I wasn’t buying my own birthday cake and Girl Child promised that she would bring a cake. The day before, as I was heading out to the supermarket, I did ask if I was to buy a cake and was told “No. Girl Child is bringing one.” And that was the last thought I gave it.

We’re not big on fancy cakes in this house. Birthdays are invariably celebrated with a “caterpillar cake” that the Big Green Gummi Bear steals all the smarties off before it’s been cut, regardless of whose birthday it is!

So the big day dawned (ok technically it was the day after the big day but that’s another story). I had been suitably spoiled rotten with gifts from friends and family when Girl Child asked “Are we doing cake now?”

This took me slightly by surprise. Cakes in this household are “done” after dinner and this was mid-afternoon.

A large white box was produced from its hiding place and set down on the dining table.

The lid was removed and sides carefully lowered to reveal the cake inside….and I promptly burst into tears. Happy, shocked, flabbergasted tears.

It was fabulous!

Don’t believe me, then have a look for yourselves.



It really was the perfect cake!


For once in my life, I was happy to eat my own words!





Huge thanks to the wonderful lady who created this masterpiece. (Thank you doesn’t seem enough, Susan)

You can check out her other creations here –


3 responses to “Happy To Eat My Own Words…

  1. WOW! What an amazing cake – well done Girl Child. The books are fab and the wee cats are so cute! You beat me to the big 5-0 by 6 months! 🤣🥰

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    • It was actually a team effort on the cake front. A friend suggested it, Girl Child facilitated the undercover messaging and the Big Green Gummi Bear put in the request for the design etc complete with kitties It was absolutely delicious too

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