A little graffiti and a lot of nostalgia

Ever been tempted to leave a wee note on the wall when you have been decorating for future generations to discover? Your own wee DIY memorial?


Did you ever expect to see any of your own notes again?


Me neither…..until last week.

One of the girl’s I work alongside in “the salt mine” lives in a house we used to live in. Small world, eh? We moved from there a long long time ago. In fact it was almost twenty-two years ago so you can imagine my surprise when she messaged me one evening last week to say she’d found something whilst decorating.

She sent me three photos … these three photos.

Coming face to face with my own “decorating graffiti” from twenty-four years ago was a bizarre feeling.

Equally bizarre – I remember writing it!

The room in question was Boy Child’s nursery. At that time. the Big Green Gummi Bear and I agreed not to find out the sex of our first baby so, until he was born a few months after the graffiti was left for posterity, he was known as “Jellybean”.

I loved that nursery when it was finished! It was such a bright cheerful room. We kept the furnishing simple- pine cot, pine chest of drawers and a pine rocking chair. We thought we’d created the perfect room for Jellybean to sleep soundly in.


He was a “difficult” baby and a terrible sleeper! He never slept a full night in that room!

Now all that’s left, apart from countless precious memories, is the chest of drawers, the cushions that sat on the rocking chair and “Jellybean” himself!

Wasn’t he cute? LOL

Oh, it’s a funny old world.

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