What’s happening with Book Baby 7?

Somehow, we’ve reached the end of August – no idea how we got here! My head’s still back in June somewhere! – and the last rays of summer are sinking on the horizon earlier and earlier each evening.

I’ve come to wonder of late if I’m really solar powered at heart. Every opportunity I’ve had all summer, I’ve been outdoors either meandering or simply sitting in the sun lost in a book.

Now though, as the evenings are growing cooler and darker, it’s time to move back indoors and turn my creative attention back to Book Baby7.

Don’t panic- it’s not been entirely neglected over the summer months. I have made progress both with writing the first draft and typing it up, but the pace has been leisurely.  Maybe it’s been a summer case of writer’s block rather than sun block, but I’m not convinced.  Personally, I think I just needed a break to recharge these (solar powered) batteries.

Like many people, the day job still involves working from home. My home working space during the day is in the living room and when I finish up each day, the work stuff gets cleared away and my creative space is restored for the evening… unless the sun’s shining and its warm and I’ve been lured outside once more to sit on my nice new bench with my kindle until the sun sinks below the rooftops. I do think that part of the issue is that I am thoroughly sick of the sight of my living room!

Now though, its time to refocus and show Book Baby 7 some love and give it the attention that its craving.

So, for those among you who are impatiently waiting for it, where am I with it?

Good question!

I’ve roughly 30% of the first draft handwritten.

I’ve about 25% of the first draft typed. (I’ve paused typing to focus on adding to the handwritten word count).

I have the storyline pretty much worked out in my head.

It has a title but no, I’m not sharing that with you just yet.

I have a release date in mind too but that one needs to remain under wraps for now.

It’s still entirely naked as I’ve not yet given much thought to the cover.

So, all I would ask for now, is that you bear with me and trust that it’s coming in 2022 at some point (hopefully!).

And, if you’re patient, I promise to share a little excerpt soon.

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