Fancy a Silver Lake Christmas?

As they walked along the snow-covered beach, Jake smiled. Watching the kids trying to run on ahead, occasionally throwing snowballs at each other and then lying down to make snow angels warmed his heart from the cold winter breeze that blew in off the ocean. With only two sleeps till Christmas both of them were hyper; both super excited at the thought of Santa Claus visiting.

“This way, kids!” he called as they reached a path that led up to the boardwalk.

Much to his surprise, they both came running towards him, slipping their tiny, gloved hands into his without being asked.

“What are you wanting Santa to bring you?” asked Melody as they walked along the boardwalk.

“Oh, I don’t know,” answered Jake, stalling for time. “Some new running shoes. Maybe a new guitar.”

“You’ve got lots of guitars!” stated Jesse bluntly.

“And you’ve got lots of trains, but you’ve still asked Santa Claus for another one,” teased Jake.

“I think Mommy wants a new computer,” announced Melody, changing the subject. “She was calling hers some bad words last week.”

With a laugh, Jake admitted that Lori had indeed called her laptop some choice names after it had crashed and deleted two days’ worth of work.

As the family group walked along the boardwalk, the kids ran on ahead to explore the small Christmas houses that had sprung up. The red Santa mailbox stood on the boardwalk opposite the bandstand.

Carefully, Jake removed the letters from his jacket pocket and handed them to the kids to mail. Pulling his cell out too, he took some photos of them posting the envelopes to Lapland then suggested that they go and stand by the town’s large Christmas tree for more photos.

“Ok, guys,” began Jake as he slipped the phone back into his jacket. “Who wants hot chocolate?”

“Me! Me! Me!”

(extract from Long Shadows)

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