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A timely reminder and a sneak peek into Book Baby 6……..


This came up in my Facebook memories earlier today…… it was a timely reminder.



My primary creative focus these days is Book Baby 6. I have a date in mind that I would like the first draft completed by and it’s going to take all my self-discipline to meet that deadline. It doesn’t get any easier with each passing book, trust me!

Want a sneak peek? No…. stop reading here. Yes….keep reading.

Just a little taste of things to come in early 2021……


Gazing out towards the empty stage, Jake took stock. A stool, a table and his four guitars were all in position. There were bottles of water on the table. A row of picks was slotted into the mic stand.

The houselights dimmed and the near sell-out crowd let out a loud cheer. Taking a deep breath, Jake watched for his cue then loped casually out on stage to a wall of cheers from the fans. Flashing a Power smile at them and at the assembled photographers, Jake lifted his guitar, checked the tuning and opened his support slot with an acoustic rendition of Silver Lake’s Dragon Song. In front of him, the fans along the rail were hanging on his every word.

“Good evening, Philly,” he said at the end of the first song.

A huge cheer surged back at him.

“Who’s excited to see Garrett Court tonight?”

Another huge roar hit the stage.

“This next song is another one from the Silver Lake vault. This is Depths.”

A few minutes later as he began Lady Butterfly, Jake saw Riley in the wings standing beside his brother waiting for her cue. He smiled at the height difference between them then noticed that Melody was standing beside Riley, holding her hand. So lost in thought was he that he almost messed up the final verse. Only a few die-hard Silver Lakers in the front row noticed his faux pas. He laughed and felt himself blush.

“Philly, I’d like you to welcome out on stage a very special, very talented, young lady now. Allow me to introduce you to the incredible Miss Riley Johnston!”

Confidently, Riley ran out to meet him, her freshly dyed green hair shining under the spotlights. Several of the fans along the rail had been at the Gramercy Theater show and, recognising Riley, cheered wildly for the young vocalist.

“Folks, this is Miles From Home,” called out Jake.

A second stool had been brought out along with a second mic stand. Nimbly, Riley hopped up on the stool and lifted the microphone from the stand. With a glance at Jake for reassurance, she prepared for their duet. The familiar intro to the Weigh Station classic rang out over the crowd. Keeping her voice low and husky, Riley began the first verse. By the time she reached the chorus, the fans were hanging on her every word. Just as they’d rehearsed, they traded verse and chorus then came together for the final verse.

“Sing this last chorus with us, Philly!” called out Riley, her confidence soaring.

It warmed Jake’s heart to hear the fans respond to the teenager’s request and he could see she was smiling beside him.

“Philadelphia!” roared Jake when the song ended, “Give it up for the awesome, Miss Riley Johnston!”

Jumping down from the stool, Riley took a bow then darted off stage amid thunderous cheers.

The stage lights dimmed long enough for one of the crew to remove the stool and mic stand.

“Folks, that girl’s the future,” said Jake as he slipped the Martin’s guitar strap over his head.



To be continued in Book 5 of the Silver Lake series.


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