With A Little Help From My Friends – hopefully!

It’s been another one of “those” weeks around here. Living with two exam-stressed teenagers isn’t fun, as I’m sure all parents of teenagers will agree. Five exams in five days has been baptism by fire for Girl Child. (These exams are her first experience of sitting formal exams in the school assembly hall) I really felt for her and could empathise with her rising fear and panic, as I recalled my own exam experiences. I can still clearly picture the rows and rows of desks and still hear the silence.

In the midst of all this emotional turmoil, I made time to take my next leap of faith towards bringing my “creative baby” to life. Well it was on this week’s To Do List and had to be done at some point.

Mid-week I set up my Kindle Direct Publishing account. GULP!

Cue rising fear and panic to rival Girl Child’s!

Adding things like your tax information and bank account details in international format suddenly felt like very grown up things to be doing. Not like me at all. Scary stuff!

On reflection, my immediate reaction didn’t totally surprise me. As I’ve said in previous blog posts, my biggest fear as a writer is letting folk read what I write. Crazy, I know. By creating the KDP account and reading the T&C’s, in particular the list of countries that Amazon cover, brought home how many people my “creative baby” will be exposed to. Now I know that’s a good thing. The more exposure I can get for this book, the greater the chance of sales and success etc. I get it. But what if they think my “creative baby” is ugly? Hence the rising tide of fear and panic.

Breathe! Deep breaths! Breathe!

(A medicinal glass of wine may have been required at this point)

The following day, I stumbled across a magazine article about something that is another weakness of mine. (No – it was nothing to do with coffee or rock stars!) It was an article extolling the virtues of asking for help.

To ask for help is a bit of an alien concept for me. I’ve always attributed this to the fact I was an only child and had no siblings to either ask or help. Over the years and through various situations that life has thrown across my path, I’ve got used to finding my own way through things. I guess there have been times when I’ve felt to ask for help was to show weakness. The article brought home to me the fact that sometimes it’s necessary to ask for some assistance. We don’t all know the best way to do things or have the ability to do everything on our own. At the end of the day, it’s not a sign of weakness or stupidity to ask for help, particularly if you are doing something you’ve never done before.

The time has come to follow the advice I’ve been giving to both Boy Child and Girl Child for years. If you don’t fully understand the subject, ask for help.

So, that’s what I need to do here. If any of you beautiful people have any hints or tips to offer this fledging writer regarding using KDP, I’d be eternally grateful. If there are any pit falls lying in wait that I should be aware of, please let me know where they are lurking as it may save me from a painful fall. Any help will be gratefully received.

And if there are any suggestions for steering stressed out teenage girls through exams, I’ll take those on board too!



7 responses to “With A Little Help From My Friends – hopefully!

  1. Reblogged this on Karen Soutar and commented:
    Writer friends – the lovely Coral needs some advice on KDP. Does anyone have any helpful hints and tips? (Also, a ‘Guide To Dealing With Exam-stressed Teens’ would be useful). 😉

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  2. Hi Coral, I’m about to self-publish my debut novel next month so I’m also getting to grips with both KDP and CreateSpace. I’d be glad to help if I can. If you’re on Twitter, I’ll find you and DM or let me know otherwise how best to get in touch and we’ll go from there! I have two teen girls btw so I feel your pain 😉 Mine are 13 and 17.

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  3. Brilliant blog article – you’ll be fine.

    I released my first Createspace and KDP anthology of short stories a month ago. It was a breeze by following their instructions and really pleased with the product. However … what I would say is creating the ‘Word template’ for your book in Createspace first (for paper printing) meant it was really easily transferable (pretty much automated) to KDP format (for Kindle) … not so the other way round.

    I’ve written a few things on my blog about it at http://www.modquokka.com

    Good luck and it will be great to see the end result 🙂

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  4. I know I’m getting ahead of putting your book on Kindle, but once it’s there, you have to help readers find it. The best advice I’ve found for marketing and promoting is on Lindsay Buroker’s blog: http://www.lindsayburoker.com/. Good luck with your blog! And we all get nervous when we put something new in front of readers. Think of it as “good” nerves:)

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