3.4 cats ….yes we have a new arrival

I don’t very often mention in my blog posts that, apart from The Big Green Gummi Bear, Boy Child and Girl Child, I share the house with three fur babies. Well it was three until recently!

We are now a 3.4 feline family!

Yes- we have a new addition to the household. A little grey and white kitten who belongs to Girl Child.

The Big Green Gummi Bear struck a deal with Girl Child several months ago that depending on achieving certain grades in her SQA exams, she could get a kitten. Girl Child kept her end of the bargain. Cue MAJOR kitten hunting. I think in the space of 24 hours she sent me more photos of kittens than I had seen in my previous forty some years! And yes, all of them were very cute.

After a short but thorough search, we found her future fur baby. Cue more emails and photo exchanges and Hey Presto before we knew it we were all in the car  heading to the far side of Glasgow to collect said fur baby.

Part of the deal Girl Child had struck with her father surrounded the naming of said fur baby. He has named the last two cats who have come to live with us. We have Pythagoras a huge ginger and white tom cat and Frankenstein, a Birman tabby who looks like two different cats stitched together. The third and oldest fur baby, is my big black fluffball. My boy names Sioux.  

So what name had been chosen for this tiny grey and white baby?


It has proved to be an apt name!

Less than five minutes into the hour long journey home, this tiny bundle of fur pooped in the cat carrier. Stinky it most certainly was!

Like Sioux many years before him, Stinky’s introduction to his new home involved a bath to remove the poop! Poor wee fur baby. What a soggy start to life in his new forever home.

Having been dried off and cuddled, we introduced him to the litter tray and to his dinner bowl. And that was the one and only time we required to complete that lesson. At nine weeks old, Stinky figured it all out and there were no puddles and no little “stinky” bundles left anywhere for us. I was really impressed that this little guy had it figured out so fast.

Move on a few hours and it was time to introduce him to the first of his big furry brothers. Sioux is the most gentle and tolerant of the three older cats so we introduced him first.

When he saw the kitten, I swear that cat rolled its eyes at me as if to say “Are you kidding me? Another one?”  He was not impressed. There was no aggression. No anger. Just sheer terror when the kitten ran towards him! We kept a close eye on them and a truce appeared to have been reached. So far so good.

Next morning there was a queue at the back door waiting to come in for breakfast. Frankenstein was at the head of the queue. Well it was now or never…I let him in as Stinky danced round my feet. (Frankenstein is quite aggressive normally with other cats and it took a long time for him to settle in here.) Frankenstein eyed the kitten suspiciously. Stinky ran towards him. Frankenstein’s ears went back and he crouched down and hissed at the newcomer. To my utter amazement Stinky did the same. Frankenstein legged it and disappeared upstairs as fast as his paws would carry him. 700g of kitten had just stood its ground against 4kg of cat!

Pythagoras came in a short while later. He’s the biggest of the three at 6kg but isn’t the bravest. Again the kitten ran to greet him. Pythagoras bolted into the kitchen and up onto the table with a look in his eye that screamed “Save me!”

And that’s pretty much the way it has been for the past ten days.

The kitten is ruling the roost!

And it’s not just the Fur Brothers that Stinky has full control over. He’s done the same to the humans who live here too. Yes, even the Big Green Gummi Bear! Countless hours have been spent playing with, cuddling him and just simply watching him. He is a tiny ball of fluff but he’s a HUGE distraction.

He’s irresistible. (Yes, I know I’m biaised)

I will say though, he is not good for creative progress. My poor Book Baby 3 has suffered twice already at his tiny paws. He danced across my laptop and reformatted the entire document. Sheer skill as he managed feats on Word that I have zero knowledge of! The next night he danced across the keyboard and deleted over 300 hundred words. Let’s say I was less than impressed by those dance moves.

But then he looked at me with that cute wee face and those huge blue eyes and purred…..and all was forgiven!StinkyStinky 2fur babies

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